The beauty industry was worth $532 billion in 2019. The most profitable sector is skincare, which accounts for 39% of the global market, closely followed by hair care and make-up. Many of these products are bought online because there is more choice and prices are often cheaper. But sourcing beauty products online isn’t always straightforward.

Be Wary of Fake Products

Not all websites are reputable and there are a great number of fraudulent companies selling fake products via e-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon. Sometimes products have expired but are still in the original containers. Other times the ingredients are harmful or even deadly. 

Fake products are a huge problem for consumers who are often sucked in by the lure of cheap prices and fantastic deals. If you spot your favorite brand of anti-aging moisturizer on a third-party website and it’s being sold at half-price, you should be very careful before handing over your credit card details. 

Not only could it be fake, but it could also contain toxic ingredients like rat urine or mercury. The money you save might be spent correcting the damage caused by a potentially deadly reaction. 

To avoid ending up with a fake version of a well-known branded product, stick to reputable sites when purchasing beauty products. Sites like Amazon and eBay are usually considered safe by consumers, but they do unwittingly stock counterfeit products. Be very wary of third-party marketplace sellers, especially if they are selling a product at a significantly lower price. 

Buy from Reputable Sites

Where possible, buy products from well-known outlets such as Nordstrum and buymebeauty. If you want a branded product, it’s usually safer to buy direct from the brand’s own website. For example, if you have your heart set on a Kylie lip kit, place your order on the Kylie Cosmetics website. That way, you can be sure the product is the genuine article and if you have a problem, returns and refunds are guaranteed.

Look for Beauty Deals Before You Buy

Whilst we don’t recommend you look for cut-price deals, as there is a high chance the product is fake, it’s still worth searching for coupons and discount deals. You can use sites like this one to stop paying full price for your favorite products.

Brands often hand out discount codes when you sign up for their e-newsletter or loyalty card. You can save 20% or more on an order, which is a significant discount on a reasonably expensive purchase. Being a member of a loyalty scheme also gives you access to ongoing promotions. Brands tend to reward their loyal customers with sale coupons and special discounts. 

Social Media Savings

If you love a particular brand or product line, follow the brand on social media. Many brands advertise their sales and promotions on social media first. They also like it when customers tag them in posts related to their products. Try tagging the brand in a post where you rave about how amazing their product is – you never know, they might send you some freebies to say thanks for the mention!

Become an Influencer and Ask for Freebies

Social media influencers are very much in demand by beauty brands. The more followers you have, the better, but even micro-influencers with between 2k and 50k followers attract brands. If beauty is your passion, start a YouTube channel or post beauty tips on Instagram. Once you have amassed some followers, you can reach out to brands and ask if they have any products you can promote. It’s a win-win for both of you. 

Got any more great tips for saving money on beauty products?

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