So here we are today, inching closer to the end of a decade and let's just say, I am not ready for the year to end. Just like every end of the year, I always feel a little nostalgic while reflecting back on how life was. And for the first time after moving to Canada 5 years ago, I can say 2019 is a brilliant year for the House of Platt.

We made amazing lifelong friends, got rid of 'good time' ones, spent lots of time outdoors and I landed a full-time job. Little Tyke also matured both mentally and emotionally and I believe all his extra curriculums strongly contributed to it.

Onto the beauty front, 2019 was also an amazing year for skincare. I discovered so many products that I will continue to repurchase as they are just bloody brilliant.

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser* took me by surprise as I wasn't expecting much from it. It's a gentle, calming, hydrating and nourishing non-foaming cleanser and I love using it both for morning and as my second cleanse in the evening. Don't let its simplicity deters you, this should be a staple for everyone. Jowaé Hydrating Water Mist* (reviewed here) won 2019 Elle Canada award and rightly so, as this is an antioxidant and humectant powerhouse and I love it way more than Caudalie Grape Water. I do wish it doesn't come with added fragrance and the mist is finer but those are small hiccups that I am happy to overlook.

Two toners that truly made a huge difference in my skin are I'm From Rice Toner* (reviewed here) and the cult favourite Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant which is surprisingly non-irritating nor drying. It's the reason why my skin remained clear without any breakouts in the past few months.

Now to serums, a category which I struggled to narrow down as I tested so many amazing ones this year but I managed to narrow it down to my top 4. Any surprise that Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Serum* (reviewed here) and Volition Strawberry-C Serum* (featured here) made into this list? Both are absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend them. Next two are overhyped products that 110% lived up to all of my expectations. Farmacy Honeymoon Glow is by far the best AHA serum I have tried and my skin glows like no other with it. It banishes skin textures and leaves my skin baby soft and radiant and this is definitely a holy grail status. Last but not least, Kypris Antioxidant Dew lives up to be one of the best hydrating, repairing and nourishing serum that I've ever tried. Pricey, yes but worth every single penny.

Not going to lie, I also struggled with moisturizers as there were so many amazing ones this year but my top 3 are; Jowaé Wrinkle Smoothing Light Cream* (reviewed here, not pictured as I just ran out of it), Vichy LiftActive Collagen Specialist* (reviewed here) and Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2* (reviewed here). All 3 are different price points but they are fabulous in their own ways.

Two best facial oils not only for 2019 but these are by far the best I have discovered are, Graydon SuperFood Serum* (reviewed here) and Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Vinifera Replenishing Oil* (reviewed here). Both are literally skin food and my skin saviours this Winter.

The one and only eye cream that truly impressed me this year is Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment (reviewed here). It truly softens my fine lines and over time I noticed my under eye areas look firmer too.

And here we are, finally almost at the end of the post and let's talk face masks. It's no secret that I adore all Vichy masks as they only take 5 minutes and they work wonders. You really can't go wrong with any of them and I highly recommend them all. NxN Power Detox Mask* and NxN Beauty Sleep Mask* are two notable products from the brand (reviewed here). The products have fabulous ingredient lists and they deliver amazing results. Finally, Dr. Brant Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask (reviewed here) is appropriately named as I wake up the next morning looking like I have the best sleep of my life. It hydrates, brightens and nourishes my skin overnight and it's one of the best overnight sleeping masks I have tried.

So this sums up my best 2019 skincare discoveries and if you made it this far then you are a superstar in my eyes! I'm not sure if I will be doing one for makeup as I concentrated more on the skin this year but if you are interested then I will post one!

What are your best skincare discoveries of 2019? And have you tried any of these products?

*Gifted but my thoughts and opinions are 100% unbiased, honest and my own. There is no place for any sort of BS here.
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