Whether you’re buying gifts for the holidays or looking for a birthday surprise, fashion is never a bad present for all the cherished men in your life. And, let’s face it ladies, sometimes we have a better sense of fashion than our male counterparts. Do them a favor and give them a gift that will boost their style!

Take a look at these 7 great fashion items the men in your life will love:

1. Scarf
Men look good in knots, don’t they? Unfortunately, the predominant knot of men’s fashion—the necktie—isn’t so helpful in colder weather. This year, get your man a stylish new scarf.

Scarves are simple, soft, and boast some of that cold-city fashion that we tend to associate with New York and London. They come in a variety of different styles and sizes so you can easily find the one that best suits the man you’re buying for.

Scarves can also be tied in a variety of ways to match his preferred style or to keep him toasty warm in the middle of a blizzard.

2. Loafers
Loafers are must-have footwear for any businessman. The business professional in your life will be eternally grateful for a quality loafer.

There’s just something high-class about this shoe: the gleaming leather upper, the precise stitching, the mild arch. It’s the kind of shoe that a guy will cherish; it’s the kind of shoe he’ll take to the shoe-shining stand!

You could include a gel insole as a smaller, add-on gift to increase his comfort.

3. Robe
Robes are cozy, sexy, and useful. Consider getting a robe for your husband or boyfriend.

There are a variety of different robes you can get. Get him a bathrobe for swimming and bathing. Or, if he’d use it more for casual loungewear, get him a satin robe. There are plenty of different sizes, styles, and colors to choose from. Whichever one you pick, he’s sure to enjoy the sophisticated air that comes with donning a robe.

4. Wood Tie
They make ties out of wood??

They sure do. A wood tie would be an excellent gift for him and would add some nice variety to his tie selection. Wood ties are composed of small, wooden pieces that are fastened together by strings. When combined with the right outfit, a wood tie adds a polished elegance to his professional attire.

You can get wood ties in either necktie or bow tie form. Either one will give his appearance an earthy elegance.

5. Watch
When we’re on the go, we usually rely on cell phones to give us the time. Cell phones, unfortunately, don’t have the class or style of the classic wristwatch. There are plenty of great men’s watches on the market, and they’ll enhance just about any outfit he has.

Watches may have intricate detailing and clock construction, but they have an overall simple shape, and this makes them fun to shop for. Leather strap or metal strap? Matching strap-and-clock colors, or different ones? If you know his style, you’ll be able to pick out the watch that perfectly fits his style.

6. Shaving Kit
Okay, so a shaving kit isn’t technically a fashion item. But doesn’t a man’s grooming (or lack thereof) have a big impact on his style?

Absolutely. So, if he’s constantly battling hair growth, get him a nice shaving kit to help him keep his hair well-trimmed or gone altogether.

Shaving kits each come with different brushes, oils, and creams. Perhaps get a shaving kit that has his preferred scents (and if he doesn’t have one, seize this opportunity to recommend one to him!).

7. Wood Sunglasses
Who doesn’t love a stylish pair of sunglasses? Scratch that—who doesn’t love a stylish pair of wooden sunglasses?

Wooden sunglass are striking, polished, and beautifully textured. They’re “California-style”, so to speak; the wood texture eschews the seriousness of traditional shades. However, the wood also evokes a refined craftsmanship that’s elegant and formal in its own right.

Wooden sunglasses are polarized, of course, so they’re just as effective at protecting your eyes as traditional sunglasses are. They’re both stylish and functional!

Any of these stylish fashion items are bound to enrich the wardrobes of your favorite men! For women’s winter fashion gifts, you can find some ideas here.

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