It has been an interesting and very hectic year for us in the House of Platt. There were many changes that came into our life; both as a family and in me embracing many beauty and fashion trends that I never ever thought I would.

As many of you know we moved into our dream home at the start of Summer and ever since then we have been busy trying to make this house into a home. Thankfully that process is almost over and we're currently only waiting for landscaping to be done and then we can finally relax and go on with our life without having to worry about getting something done.

One of our vows when we moved into our new home was to up our exercise routines. Practising yoga 3-4 times a week just wasn't doing it for me anymore. I mean it's nice to be zen and able to bend my feet into my face but I crave for a cardio and a family activity.

This Summer Mr. Platt and I actually looked into investing in a couple of bicycles so we could spend more time with outdoor activities. We do take a lot of walks but we thought cycling would be a fun activity to add into our life. We are also blessed to live in a place where it's rich with lots of nature trails and beaches (we live on an island after all) so why not take advantage of it?

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By the way, do you know there are plenty benefits to riding a bicycle?

The health benefits of regular cycling include (source):
• low impact
• increased cardiovascular fitness.
• increased muscle strength and flexibility.
• improved joint mobility.
• decreased stress levels.
• improved posture and coordination.
• strengthened bones.
• decreased body fat levels.
• prevention or management of disease.

health, leisure, lifestyle

If you are like me and thought buying a bicycle was as easy as buying a new pair of knickers then, you and me are both wrong. Below are a couple of tips that we were told to consider when we said we wanted to start riding around town:

1. Choose a Bike That Suits the Terrain of Your City

We live in a relatively small town so either a comfort bike or a hybrid bike will suit our need. These bikes have several speeds, so that, when necessary, we can ride fast enough to keep up with vehicular traffic. Hybrid bikes tend to be a bit faster and more high-tech than comfort bikes. Comfort bikes, as their name indicates, are very comfortable; they have an upright riding position, like a beach cruiser.

2. Make Sure You Have Adequate Lighting on Your Bike

A bike should have a front and rear light. It is very difficult for drivers to see bikes in the evening and at night. Some of the roads are pretty narrow near our home which makes riding in the evenings dangerous so we definitely need to invest in a good lighting.

3. Get The Right Tires For Your Bike

Depending on your terrain, you have to take the bike tire size, thread, valves, etc into consideration. Read here to get better understanding.

4. Carry a Change of Clothes

Living in a place where the weather seems to change every 5 minutes, it is wise to always bring a change of clothes. You never know when the sky decides to pour on you.

health, leisure, lifestyle

The weather has changed on my side in Canada but the research into the right bicycle that fits our family needs will continue and with luck, we'll be proud owners of new bikes next year.

What new lifestyle changes have you made into your life recently?

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