A Walk Down Memory Lane ~ October Favourites

Christmas is just around the corner and here I am reminiscing about October. I do apologize about this post being published this late, it has been a very busy and stressful time in the House of Platt with Little Tyke being sick a lot. He has finally recovered well, until early December when he will be receiving his second flu shot. God have mercy on us....

October has been a really lovely month of rediscovering good ol' stuff from my makeup graveyard and this will continue until I successfully make dents and hopefully finish some products. I've been making really good progress and must say I am pretty proud of myself. 


There should be no surprise that you're seeing the same old products making an appearance, again. Benefit Sunbeam has remained in my makeup rotation because I'm trying to finish the bottle (it has lasted me two year!) and it's I often forgot how beautiful it is on my skin.

Essence Sun Club bronzer and pur~lisse BB Cream have remained firm favourites since September. Despite the small sample size, I have yet to finish the BB cream even though I use it almost everyday. The coverage is amazing hence I need very little each time.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow in shade 24E has taken over as my favourite eyeshadow crayon. I apply it all over the lids, blend it up to the crease and then blend Essence Sun Club bronzer on the crease for more definition.

Two Korres products have been dug out from my makeup graveyard, Natural Cheek Butter in shade Philia Rose and Volcanic Minerals Volumizing mascara. Philia Rose is a stunning soft dusty rose shade that gives me a very healthy looking glow and the mascara is amazing for length, volume and it even holds the curl! It doesn't clump at all, not even after three layers.


I have made these cupcakes 4 times in the past month itself! They have been one of my biggest successes in baking and have been getting great reviews from everyone. The original recipe was from Ale (read here) but I've tweaked it to suit my taste. It's so easy and effortless but looks like you spent hours on them. 


Because we're a glutton for punishment, we watch this while gorging on beer, potato crisps and then bitch and moan about how fat we feel. Oh, the irony. It's not the best show but wow, there are some really cool workout ideas.

Now let's talk...how was your October and have you started your Christmas shopping?

Over the weekend:
We had friends over for dinner and had a really lovely time. Their son is 5 months older than Little Tyke so it was supposedly a play date but I swear us parents had more fun. 

The terror in Paris...sigh, it's a dark sad day for the world, what has it come to? I never once envisioned this world to be where it's at today. This is not I want for my children, not what I wished for the future generations. All religions promote kindness and love but it's the evil of mankind that causes pain and destruction. My heart goes out to France and everyone who are affected by the tragedy.

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