From The Clearance Bin and The Magical Word 'Sale'

More than two month ago I posted this picture (here) on my Instagram and I featured a few items that I managed to score from SuperStore. Obviously I have been diving head first into the clearance bin (again!) and the magical or cursed, depending on how you see it, word 'SALE' was flashing in Las Vegas neon lights style in front of my eyes. 

As a good beauty blogger, I had to pick up a few stuff for the sake of blogging (excuses, eh?) and after testing them for more than a month, let me share the good, the bad and the bloody ugly with you lovelies.

Wet n Wild



I was very reluctant to purchase Joe Fresh makeup because in my mind, in store makeup brands can't be as good as well known brands. But the dirt cheap clearance price proved to be too hard for me to resist so I picked up three products; a cream blusher in shade Bloom, a cream eyeshadow in shade Slate and finally a powder eyeshadow in shade Gold Rush.

Let's talk about the good, the cream blusher is gorgeous, blends well and lasts 6 hours before I noticed some fading. The gold eyeshadow is surprisingly lovely, the pigmentation is pretty good, smooth, not chalky and lasted the whole day without fading when used with primer. It also blends really well with other eyeshadows and I am obsessed with it. Now to the bad, the creamy eyeshadow is not cream but more like oil. It's so oily that it's impossible to wear and this is coming from me who has dry eyelids. Skip it, toss it, hate it. Bleh!



I won't be doing an in-depth review on each shade because there's already thousands if not hundreds of thousands reviews on these lipsticks. But believe it or not, these three are my first Wet n Wild lipsticks! These were on sale so I finally picked them up for CAD2.39 each.

I guess the main reason why I passed on these for so long is the packaging. The lipstick doesn't twist all the way down the tube so I have to be extremely careful with opening and closing the cap. Lousy packaging aside, these lipsticks are absolutely lovely. All three are opaque, apply smoothly and don't bleed. They do transfer easily and if I'm not careful with my application, they sometimes migrate to my teeth. They are also long lasting and I easily wear them for 5-6 hours without touch up despite eating and drinking. The one downside is I find them to be a little drying on my lips after 5 hours but it's not to the point where it becomes uncomfortable.

In summary? I think I did pretty good with my budget purchases and frankly am pleasantly surprised by Joe Fresh makeup and I am planning to explore more products from them.

Have you ever bought anything from the clearance bin? And if you did, were there any products that pleasantly surprised you?

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