And We're More Than Half Way Through the Year ~ July Favourites

With August breathing down hard over our shoulder...can you freaking believe that we're close to being done with 2015?! Am not even going to try to be polite, where the fuck did the time go? 

Oh hello 37 and more wrinkles peeking through the corner. *insert dull face emoji*

I didn't post June Favourites because I took slightly more than a week break from the blogsphere so this post would be a mixture of both. We suffered through some sort of intergalactic abnormally heatwave in between June and July so I have been bathing in SPF, sweat and more sweat. We have fans in the house but I swear on most days it felt like living in a pressure cooker. Le sigh....

There will be no makeup products because I only recently shared my makeup favourites (read here) so I'll be concentrating on skincare instead.


I know there are many who skip using a toner in their skincare routine but this is a must for me. Call me old school but I feel my skin is better prepped for moisturizer after toner. I have been loving L'Oreal Age Perfect Anti-Fatigue Toner for daytime and Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner* for night (reviewed here). While Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner* keeps my skin feeling fresh, this budget option from L'Oreal leaves my skin plump, soft and hydrated.

Thanks to the heatwave, all my thick face creams have been safely tucked away to the back of my beauty drawer with the exception of OZ Naturals Sea Infused Herbal Moisturizer* (reviewed here) which I use during the day. And as for the evenings, I am currently not using any night creams instead I opt for only Dr. Hauschka Night Serum (reviewed here).

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream (reviewed here) has been my go to eye product for both day and night. It's very light but hydrating which is what my skin needs during these hot Summer months.

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We rented this movie after seeing the advert for it on TV and let me tell you, it's fucking brilliant! One of the best shows that we've seen in 2015 (mind you, we haven't had the opportunity to watch many...). I believe this movie was released last year so it's not new but was recently available on DvD. 

British accents make my heart flutter. And Colin Firth...all together now, awww...

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In Mandarin.

Lots and lots and lots...and LOTS of it.


I have been really good with yoga and have continued to practise 6 days a week and both videos are my current favourites. I rotate between both at least three times a week for the past two months and I am definitely much stronger. While both videos are meant for weight loss, it's actually really good to build strength. Try it and I promise you'll be stronger soon.

Standing split (still struggling to get leg straight up)

Lizard pose

Crow pose

ps: Just thought I put in this disclaimer that I am not trying to show off the yoga poses that I do. These are beginner poses anyway however, I know many of you are practising yoga and it would be really great if you guys can comment if my posture and poses are done right. I practice at home and am learning mostly by Youtube so my posture might be a little wrong. I do attend yoga classes once a week but it has been on sun salutation only so far.

Over the weekend: Last week started out on a very high note with us celebrating our wedding anniversary and hubby dearest planned the whole day as a surprise to me. He's not one who is very romantic so he really surprised me this time. He bought me a top from Rachel Roy, a eco-friendly yoga mat and finally, I woke up to the new Naked Smoked palette served as breakfast. He also made a reservation at a Greek restaurant that I have been dying to try and finally, he took me to watch Pixels. He made all the arrangements and my MIL helped him to keep everything as a surprise. It was a brilliant day!

And then Saturday arrived and it was one of the worst day of our lives. We woke up to Little Tyke making a fuss at 6.00am, hubby went to pick him up and his face was just covered in blood. His nose was bleeding and there was blood everywhere, his bed, his pillow and bolsters. We believe he learned to pick his nose and went to town with it....

Then we received a text informing us that MIL was admitted into ER and doctors are monitoring her because of a suspected minor stroke. She had to stay overnight so doctors could monitor her....she's okay now but it definitely gave everyone a scare.

Needless to say, I am glad that the weekend is over...and hopefully this week would be much better.

How was your July?

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