November Favourites

November favourites...N-O-V-E-M-B-E-R. Where on earth did the time go? I can't believe that we're already in the last month of 2014. It felt like only yesterday I was standing outside on the balcony of our apartment back in Malaysia looking at the fireworks celebrating the arrival of 2014.

Oh gwad...I feel old.

I have to apologize in advance because last month's favourites is a very short list but I do have a darn good reason for it. November was a very interesting month for me, I bought so many new products, both skincare and makeup (much to hubby dearest's horror) and I have been going absolutely bonkers testing as much as I could. Lucky for me, my skin is not sensitive so it's been taking all the abuse that I am putting it through without any breakouts. I originally wrote the term 'used and abused' but am I the only one whose mind instantly goes down South when I read/write/hear that term? It's like the start of a very bad porn movie. And yes, I can be quite naughty.

Anyhoot, I do promise December favourites will not only be about the turkey, potatoes and gravy but for now, let's take a peek into my November favourites.

My November favourites

NYX Creamy Round Lipstick (Chaos 511)

L'Oreal Lucent Magique

Norwegian Formula hand cream

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Advanced Time Complex Capsules

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

1. NYX Creamy Round Lipstick Chaos 511 (review here)

What a stunning red lipstick. If I am in a rush or if someone decided to drop in unannounced (don't you fucking hate that?) and I need a very quick pick me up so I won't look like something out from Night Of The Living Dead then this is all I need. Super pigmented, creamy and moisturizing, this is a brilliant lipstick, it was soooo darn hard for me to put this lipstick away so I can give my fair attention to the mountain of lipsticks that are waiting for me to test.

2. L'Oreal Lucent Magique Light Infusing Foundation (review here)
A recent rediscover, I have completely forgotten that I own this beautiful foundation until I read about it on another blog. If I thought this was great for my dry skin before, it performs even better in this cold Canadian climate. Sheer coverage with a beautiful dewy finish, this is perfect to give that healthy glow to my face.

3. Norwegian Formula Hand Cream (review here)
Again another rediscover and yet again, another product that I have forgotten until my really dry hands forced me to rummage through my stack of skincare products. This hand cream is extremely thick and you will feel like you're rubbing grease into your hands. It does take some work and a couple of minutes of continuous massaging for this cream to absorbs but use this before bed and you will wake up to the softest hands.

4. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Advanced Time Complex Capsules
This is a funny one. I was looking to replace my Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Capsules (which I absolutely adore!) and I saw this while shopping for groceries at Costco! Yes, of all the darn places, I found this at Costco. It was really cheap, I believe it was below CAD50 for two packets of 60 capsules and I have been using it ever since. And boy oh boy, this is such a beautiful serum. It does take slightly longer to absorb and it has a silicone-y feel to it but it makes my skin so soft, supple and radiant. Love, love, love this but for now, this too has to retire because I have boat loads of other serum to try. *sob!*
NOTE: I have no idea why this is so cheap, could be expired (is that even possible?), someone in Costco robbed Elizabeth Arden's warehouse or someone in Elizabeth Arden hq decided to it's time to do some charity and sell this product cheap so broke-ass bitch like me can afford it. Bottom line, my face didn't fall off but I can't promise yours won't.....I am horrible in offering words of comfort, sorry.

5. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

I believe this is one of Elizabeth Arden most famous product which has a cult following however, like Benefit They're Real mascara, you either love or hate it. One of the products that I received in my  November ipsy bag (review here) and I cannot stop using it. I love this, my lips love this and I don't think I can be without it. I do admit that I solely use this as a lip balm but it is so good in keeping my lips soft and hydrated. Definitely will purchase a full size once my sample runs out.

So there you have it, my very short, hopefully sweet and helpful list of November favourites. If you did post your November favourites then please do share the link in the comment section, I would love to check it out.

Until next post, have a great weekend, luvs!

p/s: I'm soooo sorry I haven't reply all your lovely comments on the previous post, I'll try my very best to get to it but I have been really busy the past couple of days. Promise I will get to it ASAP. Again, thank you so much for all your support.

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