REVIEW: Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara (Waterproof)

It is safe to say that my obsession with mascaras are well documented in the House of Platt. It is so bad that hubby dearest will steer me away from mascaras...well, and lipsticks or every darn makeup item if possible. But mascara is definitely listed right on the top of his red zone. He knows his wife is able to sniff mascaras from 10 miles away...

Most of my mascaras are high impact type. I love the ones that made my lashes look va-va-voom. Why? Well, thanks to my thin, short and sparse lashes (thanks dad!) I usually go for mascaras that gives me the extra length, volume...okay, an extra of everything. It can be quite dramatic for day time so I set out on a quest to look for a mascara that is subtle enough for day time look but dramatic enough to define my eyes.

And this is when my love affair with Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara (Waterproof) bloomed.

I have been longing for this mascara ever since I read the review on Makeup Monster (her reviews are amazing and she makes me want to be a bad, bad, bad girl!) so when Bourjois finally arrived on Malaysian shore, this was one of the items that I instantly zoomed in.

The first thing that I notice was the formula. It was perfect, not too thick, not too wet/dry. And then my eyes saw the one glance it looks like a shorter, blunt version of Benefit They're Real mascara (review here) but when I closely examine it, it is actually a combination of short straight bristles with little spheres in between. I believe this enable the wand to easily coat every lashes, yes, even the finest micro lashes like mine. And if you are curious about me trying this mascara in one second? The answer is no, I may be dense at times but I am not that dense to try and poke my eyes out.

This mascara gave subtle volume which was perfect for day time use but what I like most about it was the way it beautifully separates all my lashes. It gave my lashes a natural feathery look, soft enough for day time but not too soft that it doesn't define my eyes. I had no problem with flaking and this mascara also withstood the rain and humidity. Major love.

I do wish this mascara would hold the curl better but alas, it didn't perform that well in that department. One can't have it all, I guess. However, I can't really fault the mascara as my naturally stick straight lashes are tough, there are days that I am convinced the only way for my lashes to remain curled is by using a curling tong.

I adore this mascara and have been using it on most days when I am going for a very natural look. Surprisingly, I could also get away with using only this mascara alone without eyeliner, something that I never thought possible with a lower impact mascara like this.

Bourjois has really surprised me with the quality of their products. It is pretty much in the same price range as L'oreal and Revlon but Bourjois's quality far surpass both. I have a strong feeling that I will be picking up more products from Bourjois...the force is strong with this one.

Gosh...I am such a geek.

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