REVIEW: COVO Fearless Waterproof Shadow Liner (Teal Turquoise)

There are a few makeup products that I cannot be without and eye liner is definitely one of them. Blessed with a pair of small eyes, I do try to define my eyes as best as I could with the help of eye liner and mascara. While I have always wanted to try something other than my usual boring black and brown eye liners, I have never found the courage to venture out of my comfort zone. So when I was given the opportunity to try COVO Fearless Waterproof Shadow Liner* I was quick to choose the shade Teal Turquoise.

COVO Fearless Waterproof Shadow Liner (Teal Turquoise)  
Eye liner is product of Germany
The eye liner cap is actually a sharpener 
List of ingredients
Now let me ask how many of you have been duped by the promise of waterproof, budge proof, whatever-may-come-under-the-sun-and-the-moon-proof eye liners? Yea? Well guess what, me too. And after so many disappointments with these so-called promises, I have come to terms with having low and sometimes no expectations at all and this was my exact approach towards this eye liner. And I glad to be proven wrong this time.

This eye liner does NOT budge. I tested it on my waterline where no eye liner has ever survived more than an hour and this lasted me all day long. It is so budge proof to the point the swatches you see above stubbornly remains on my arm through dish washing (I do it old school, yea baby!) and bathing little tyke. I finally got rid of it with a waterproof eye makeup remover. It's like your clingy ex boyfriend whom you can't get rid of and you have to call la policía on his ass.

The pigmentation is also superbly intense which means you don't have to repeatedly draw the line to get the desired intensity and ended up using too much product and causes wastage. This liner applies smoothly like melted butter and not once it tugs on my eye lids. What I also love about this liner is I can use it as eye shadow base. However, I have to be really quick about it as it sets in less than 30 seconds and once it sets, it's like a stubborn mule who refuses to budge.

Shall we talk about the packaging of this eye liner? I was pleasantly surprise to find that the cap is actually a built in sharpener. How brilliant is that? Gone are the days where I have to annoyingly rummage through my makeup box for a sharpener before finally giving up and decide to go with butt naked eyes.

Frankly, I absolutely adore this product. I like how pigmented and intense the colour is but most of all, I love how this eye liner delivers on all its promises. COVO has definitely surprise me with the quality of their products and is fast becoming a favourite of mine.

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