REVIEW: COVO Magnifying Mascara (Jet Black)

In my personal journey in discovering the world of beauty, I have used, tested, swatch a decent number of products. Some I love, some left me undecided and others made me wonder why on earth was it created at the first place. But every now and then, I come across a product that left me bewildered. Yes, I'm talking about the underdogs. The ones that nearly no one mentioned, not even a whimper but actually deserve a massive shout-out from the rooftop.

I present to you my latest obsession, COVO Magnifying Mascara (Jet Black)*. The one mascara that I have been cheating on my previous number one (review here). I'm so naughty, I know.

My first thought when I saw the texture of this mascara was oh nooo. It looked thick and wet on the wand that I was convinced this will be a clumpy spidery fest. Instead, it turned out to be love at first stroke of the wand, mascara wand and not that other wand you perves.

This mascara gave my lashes length that I never knew I had and it holds the curl extremely well throughout the day. COVO isn't joking about this mascara being jet black either. This has to be the blackest mascara that I have ever used. It certainly gave my MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash a good run for its money.

The plastic wand reminds me of CoverGirl Clump Crusher but without the curve that CoverGirl has. This mascara separates and coats my lashes incredibly well and I could easily get away with one coat. I decided to test this mascara by going absolutely bonkers and used 4 coats on my lashes. I anticipated crunchy, spidery, clumpy lashes but there was none of that at all. Instead my lashes looks thick and long as if I was wearing falsies. It is no wonder this mascara won Her World Beauty Award few months ago and I must say it is a well deserved win.

I have searched for other reviews on this mascara and surprisingly, I am unable to find any. Or maybe I just suck at Google. Whatever the reason is, I personally think this mascara deserves all the praises and definitely needs more recognition out there.

The one downside of this mascara? Well, it's a Malaysian brand which is not available worldwide. Why I am featuring it here if it's not available worldwide? I think it's only fair to let my Malaysian readers know and most importantly, I personally think COVO has a bright future ahead of them and hopefully they will be available online in the future so it's great to give them some exposure.

I have another mascara post coming up next week, this time it's high end so look out for it! Till my next post...take care and have a brilliant weekend, luvs! xx

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