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Good morning, luvs! How was your weekend? Nothing much went on in my weekend other than doing one of my top all time favourite thing, no it's NOT makeup shopping but grocery shopping! Yes, it's still shopping but let's not get into that now, eh? I have slightly more time these past few days as I am on leave from work (company is making me clear out all my annual leave before my last day of work...) so I have been cooking every day. Never thought I would ever say this but hell, it's good to be back in the kitchen.

Today post will be on my top 5 favourite stores to shop till I drop, kidding, well close to drop and it was inspired by the beautiful Elizabeth Murdock from Fashion is My First Language. I have never thought of myself as a huge shopper but a recent wardrobe clearing event proved my thought to be wrong, very wrong to be exact. So below are the list of shops which items kept popping up in my wardrobe!
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1. Zara
I have more clothes from Zara than anywhere else and yes, that was a discovery for me too. And don't you hate it when you make discoveries such as this in front of hubby dearest who are in the process of rolling his eyes to the back of his head? Yea, me too.

Thinking about it, Zara is definitely my kind of style. Simple and yet very chic so I shouldn't be surprise that I gravitate a lot towards them. While Zara is definitely on a slightly pricier side, they have amazing bargain during sales and that is when I shop till I drop or till hubby dearest drag me out of there....

2. Mango
Beautiful clothes within a decent price range too so there is little surprise that I wander into Mango nearly every time I hit the mall. The clothes are simple but fun so I get my jeans and casual tops from here. 

3. H&M
H&M first opened in Malaysia in 2012 so it's one of the more recent retail giants that landed here but it fast became a favourite among shoppers. I personally love to shop here because they offer really chic casual clothes for very low price. H&M also has great selection for kids so I can just spend hours in here shopping for myself and the little ones. 

While their shoes are not the cheapest in the market, they do offer some of the nicest, sexiest and comfortable heels. I can hear you asking, how on earth heels can ever be describe as comfortable, Shireen? Well, I know it's not pure comfort but heels from Charles & Keith has never made my feet ache and rarely blister so that deserves top marks from a high heels lover like me. I have not purchase any handbags from this store so unfortunately I can't comment on how durable they are, I can however vouch they have gorgeous designs. 

5. Sephora
This list will NOT be complete without Sephora and you know I am not being completely honest if this doesn't make it into this list. Back in the days when my office was located in the mall, I swear I wandered into Sephora EVERYDAY during lunch time. I absolutely adore looking at all the beautiful makeup and skincare. I have spent countless hours just touching, swatching item after item. I honestly doubt I will ever get tired of spending time in Sephora. It's like my favourite playground and I know I am not alone in this...please tell me that I am not alone in this....

While I usually do my shopping online, these are the 5 stores that I can't resist walking into every time I hit the mall. Do share what your favourite stores are!

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