It has been a while since I did a sole review on one product but let's just say, after beauty blogging for 4 years, discovering a product that truly blows me away is getting as rare as a blue moon. And today's post is about a little rare gem that I have been loving for the past couple of months...and it's as close as a blue moon to me.

I'm sure by now some of you guys have seen me featuring this brand a few times but for those whom are unfamiliar, Kallèis is a small family owned Italian skincare brand. The brand was founded in 2008 by chemist and cosmetologist Maria “Carla” Cattaneo and her husband. They chose the name Kallèis from the union of two Greek words, Kalos and Eleis, which mean BEAUTIFUL and OLIVE.

skincare, treatment, Canadian beauty, serum

Honestly I had no idea what to expect from this serum but upon reading the ingredient list, I knew it was packed with goodness. This serum's star ingredient is OXISOL® which is formulated by their own laboratory. This antioxidant is found to be 3xVitamin C, 20xVitamin E and 40xResveratrol.

skincare, treatment, Canadian beauty, serum

skincare, treatment, Canadian beauty, serum

It's other star ingredients are Vitamin E and red grape and raspberry extracts which are high in Vitamin C. Both vitamins are known throughout the beauty world to be some of the best antioxidants for the skin. This beautiful serum also contains Lactic Acid, Malic Acid and Glycolic Acid which are brilliant Alpha Hydroxy Acids and amazing at combating signs of aging and hyper pigmentations.

This serum dispenses from the pipette looking thick but the texture is anything but that. It's very lightweight, almost runny and spreads easily over the skin and absorbs within seconds. It does have a scent to it, actually all Kallèis products have similar earthy scent. It layers beautifully under and on top of all my skincare and makeup, never causing my base products to pill.

skincare, treatment, Canadian beauty, serum

skincare, treatment, Canadian beauty, serum

I didn't fall in love with this serum instantly, actually it took me almost a month of daily usage to finally realize that I reached for it everyday and my skin misses it when I don't. I notice my pigmentations are slowly fading, I have no new freckles and my skin has this subtle, healthy glow. I even skipped using foundation and concealer because my skin is looking younger, smoother and more radiant.

Is there a downside to this serum? Yes, the massive price tag that comes with it, $109.00CAD. It's definitely not for everyone but if it's within your budget then I highly recommend giving it a try.

Your skin will thank YOU.

*Product marked with * was received for free but my thoughts and opinions are 100% unbiased, honest and my own. There is no place for any sort of BS here.
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