Summer is the best season to wear the most beautiful dresses and skirts, try the most delicious food and fresh cocktails on the beaches, travel a lot, go on picnics with your friends, visit festivals and just be young and beautiful. 

Literally, it's a high time to shine bright like a diamond! 

Nevertheless, your make up can mess everything up. Moreover, all makeup trends that were effective and impressive several months ago became awkward and useless this season and can even make your skin worse. So, how should the summer makeup look like? Fortunately, there are several crucial summer beauty tips that work perfectly, and following which you will be fresh, beautiful and gorgeous every day!

1. Forget about thick makeup
The latest makeup trends for this summer season can be described in the following way: "The less is more." In order to do the best summer makeup, you shouldn't use a lot of cosmetics. There is not such a huge necessity to use the whole beauty products you have: a primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, etc. If you put on all these products on your face, you'll create a sort of mask that will just block the air to your skin. That's why try to use the minimum number of cosmetics during the hot summer days, in order to stay as much fresh and natural as you can.

2. Use oil-free products
Despite the fact, that different natural oils are extremely useful for different types of skin (even for oily skin), it is better to avoid that kind of makeup products in your summer make up routine. Moreover, try to avoid any oils in your summer makeup products and use only oil-free moisturizing creams, African black soap, foundations or eyeshadow. It will help you look fresher during the day and avoid unpleasant shine on your face.

3. Use blotting papers
One of the most frequently asked questions from many girls is: "How to avoid sweating on face after makeup?". The answer is too simple - use blotting papers. Despite the face, that it's really cheap stuff, it's still considered one of the most useful and effective proof makeup products ever.

4. Don't forget about primer
You can make the best sweat-proof makeup ever, but a hot summer day can ruin it in a minute. In order to avoid this trouble, using a high-quality primer is a must-have for the summer season. It will help your makeup stay beautiful and fresh as long as possible for the whole day.

5. Stains instead of lipsticks
One of the most popular current makeup trends is to use stains instead of heavy lipsticks. Moreover, it will be even more beautiful if you use it as an eyeshadow or a blush on your cheeks. It's a perfect option for the soft summer makeup that makes your face really fresh natural.

6. Clean skin is the best cosmetics
No matter what cosmetics you use in your everyday makeup routine if you don't care about your skin at all. You should keep in mind that all beauty products can only highlight your natural uniqueness, but they cannot substitute your basic skincare routine completely. One of the most effective summer skincare tips you can easily implement even at home is to use different types of masks for your type of skin. Put on the mask on your face, when you cook the dinner or have breakfast, when you write your college paper or try to find reliable assignment help in Australia, or when you just take a bath after a hard-working day. Try to use every free minute of your time usefully for your skin, and you'll see the result immediately!

7. SPF is always a good idea
Nowadays, the sun has a rather negative influence on our health. Moreover, it can even cause terrifying diseases. In order to protect your skin and health, the daily usage of SPF is the necessity! Fortunately, you can easily find an appropriate sunscreen for your type of skin, as nowadays there is an incredible number of brands who produce this beauty product for their customers. Additionally, don't forget to clean your skin properly after using SPF, as in most cases sunscreens can clog your pores.

8. Bright eyeshadow and blush
The easiest way to look gorgeous at summer is to illuminate freshness and brightness. For instance, you can use a bright colour of your eyeshadow and blush. Try to choose pink, rosy, peachy and terracotta shades. These colours will make your face fresh and bright even in the hottest summer days.

9. Mineral spray 
Among a huge number of summer makeup tips, this one is probably one of the most pleasant and effective that can help you stay fresh all day long. Using a mineral spray will help you nor just to cool down during the summer heat, but also will help your skin stay moisturizing all day long. Moreover, it’s considered to be one of the most effective makeup tips for oily skin in summer, too. Nowadays, there is a huge diversity of mineral sprays on the shelves so there isn't any problem to find the best one that will fit for you.

10. Glow, but not shine
Despite the fact, that you should try to avoid too much glow on your face, it doesn't matter that you have to be totally matte. Use the most magnificent highlighters you have (even colorful), in order to add some interesting details to your makeup. Summer is a perfect time for the experiments, isn't? So, be provocative, glow, be beautiful and just enjoy the most incredible season of the year!

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