As Summer is approaching as we speak, I thought I would share something a little different and a touch more personal today. For the longest time I didn't understand why so many adored Summer and why anyone would welcome the scorching hot sun.

And then something happened and everything clicked into place.

Summer can be one of the best and most memorable family time. The beautiful sunny days welcome us humans who usually are stuck in front of the TV and computers to the world outside and appreciate well, what some of us refer to as 'real life'.

Shamefully it took us three years of living on the island to actually make an effort to visit the beach. It wasn't because we didn't want to but there was always something else to do and some days we just want to be coach potatoes and stay in. That all changed last year when we decided to stop making pathetic excuses and just enjoy the nature that we are blessed with.

This year Mr. Platt and I plan to up the game so below are the three activities that we hope to achieve this year!


Confession time, I have never tried camping before. No, it's not because I'm a true city girl who can't see myself roughing it but I was never allowed to by my very strict and traditional parents. After more than three years of Mr. Platt convincing me that I am more likely to die in a car accident than be eaten by the cougars and bears, I finally gave the thumbs up to camping.


This is another completely new activity to us but we have so many friends who seem to enjoy it so we thought why the hell not? Besides, it would be a great way to tone up my biceps and arms in general.


Okay, to be perfectly fair this is not a family activity but more like Mr. Platt's curiosity. Call it a mid life crisis or just the need to feel the wind in the hair (okay, I lie, Mr. Platt has a clean shaven hair cut) but we've been looking at Bike Bandit and its vast selection of motorcycle clothing. Not only would motorcycling be a fun activity for us to spend some quality time together, it's also a passion shared by a couple of our good friends.

So Summer, come on over, for the first time in my 4 years of living in Canada, I welcome thee.

*This article is published in partnership with www.bikebandit.com. For further info, read my disclaimer here.

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