It's Monday and yes, I am back once again with another palette review and this time, well, this time the review will not be as lovely as my previous one (read here). Today I will be sharing my thoughts on Lise Waiter Rose Nudes palette and let's just say this review will be short and not-so-sweet.

beauty, eyeshadow palette, Canadian brand, cool tones, Canadian Beauty

beauty, eyeshadow palette, Canadian brand, cool tones, Canadian Beauty

A brief introduction on Lise Watier, it's a high end Canadian brand that sells both skincare and makeup. I think the brand is also available in the US but I'm unsure how widely available it is there. I have tried a few products from her brand over the past 3 years and quite frankly, I have never warmed up to her products. I have always found her skincare to be overpriced (the star ingredient in her skincare is labrador tea and is hand harvested by elves in the mystical land...yes, I am sarcastic) and the makeup to be more misses than hits.

If you check for reviews online, there are many positive reviews on her products but the same lots are also PR samples so be warned. I am not saying that every single one of them is bullcrap because there are a handful of Canadian bloggers who I trust and respect who also posted great reviews on her products but, this is a brand that I have learned never to trust 90% of the reviews.

I received this palette through work as a gratis meaning I sold a certain value of her line and I am able to choose a product for free. I have nothing quite like it; a beautiful rosy palette with a gorgeous mixture rosy shimmery cool tones. Now I know I never have any luck with cool tones but I thought that this might be the one. The one cool tone palette that would change my life...oh boy, am I ever naive.

beauty, eyeshadow palette, Canadian brand, cool tones, Canadian Beauty
Direct sunlight

beauty, eyeshadow palette, Canadian brand, cool tones, Canadian Beauty
Indoor light

The pigmentation is buildable which is perfect for an eye makeup rookie like me however what really got on my tits was how dry the eyeshadows was. The texture is stiff, some of the darker shades apply and blend patchily and the lighter shades have the tendency to look the same on me. I also encountered a lot of kick-up with this palette (think Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows) but unlike ABH which is due to high pigment these shall I say this, more subdued. Oh what the hell, the pigmentation is poor, actually almost non-existent...there I said it.

I know some of you will think 'wtf Shireen, why so harsh?!'. Well, first and foremost, this is a C$68.00 palette so it's a hell of a lot of money. Secondly, if you are going to charge that much then mama, you better deliver elven blood and dust and may my eyelids shine like twinkling stars at night. Swatches below are done on primer:

beauty, eyeshadow palette, Canadian brand, cool tones, Canadian Beauty
Top pictures L-R: March-mallow, Duvet, Fresh Beige, Cashmere, Pourpre, Black Dahlia;
Bottom pictures L-R: Luminizer, Tranquilité, Satine, Golden Peach, Boudoir, Sérénité

I had to go over with a brush again and again and again and then more to get the swatches you see above and some still disappeared into my skin. As you can see most shades look similar on my skin tone. Just to give you an idea about my skin tone, I am wearing shade Ginger for bareMineral Complexion Rescue, shade 5 for Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation and when I am at my palest, I'm shade Y315 for Make Up For Ever Water Blend foundation.

Is this palette a complete dud? I can make it work if I take my time to pat in multiple layers of the eyeshadows or if I spend 20 minutes building up the intensity which let's be honest, I don't have the patience for.

I think this is a beautiful palette for fair to light skin tones but if you are like me, yellow, warm and medium skin tone then you're pretty much screwed. 

Sorry Lise Watier, I want to love you, I truly do but damn girl, you have got to meet me half way and I can't be the only one doing all the work in this relationship.

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