BLOG COLLAB with Anjelique: Advice for New Bloggers Who Want to Grow Their Blog #COLLABMASINJULY

Reflection of Sanity has been up and running since 2012 but back then it was completely different from what it is today. It was my online diary, my ups and downs, every single thought that came through my mind was jotted down here. 

It was a testament of all the little voices inside my head...hence the name, Reflection of Sanity, reflection of my sanity or lack thereof.

And then I found my sanity or some may call it passion and it was everything beauty related and this little blog of mine had a major revamp to what it is today. But it was a very long road to where I am today, I was as clueless as they come. I had zero idea how huge the blogging world is and through much trial and error, I am finally happy with where this blog is today.

I know I am a tiny weeny blogger but I have come to love blogging not for the sake of making money because I barely make any, also not for the fame and the statistics because I would have quit a long time ago but...I have learned to love it for the friendships that have blossomed and for how much I grew as a person with it. 

Cheesy? Maybe and today I am sharing some advice to anyone who is new to blogging and hopefully/maybe/fingers crossed, they will start off better than I did. The best part is this post is in collaboration with one of my top favourite Aussies, the beautiful and bubbly Anjelique (say hello here).

1. Narrow Down Your Niche

As I said earlier in this post, Reflection of Sanity was initially a diarrhoea of my little messed up mind. It was therapeutic process back then and frankly, blogging about everything that is beauty related continues to be some sort of therapy for my mind today. Not so good for my wallet but lots of good for my mind. Hey, you can't win all....

I know there are many successful bloggers who have a little bit of everything on their blog but unless you have a wide array of ideas all the time, I do recommend finding your niche and that means finding what you're most passionate about. Be it cooking, baking, DIYs or makeup, if that is where your voice is the loudest then stick to it. When you give your all to something that you're deeply passionate about, you'll be better than good at it and your blog will grow.

2. Find Your Voice

I personally love a blog when it's written full of personality. You'll get me hook, line and sinker if I can feel your emotions and hear your voice in my head through your post. If the post sounds like an advert then 99.99% I won't be returning to your blog. If I want an advert then I'll stick to TV and watch Katy Perry and CoverGirl trying to convince me that I will get the longest, fullest lashes with their mascaras even though it's so bloody obvious she's wearing falsies. Que...major eye roll.

Your personality and your voice is what makes you unique and special so why not use that? Let your readers fall in love with you.

3. Get to know your audience

Yes, the power of your readers. Get to know them, use Google Analytics to find out which are your most popular posts, ask for feedback and questions to your readers at the end of your posts and get to know them. Collect all the feedback and data and proceed from there. Without your readers, your blog will be stagnant so listen to them and grow together.

4. The power of Social Media

Pimp.It.Out. No shame no game, just pimp it out.

Now before you folks get any funny ideas, I meant your blog. Social media has taken the world by storm and new ones are popping up every couple of months. Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat...okay, I can't keep up but sharing and promoting your blog through them will make massive differences.

Do you really think the stars will all align and everyone in the world will magically stumble onto your blog? They don't so you need to shout and do all the shameless self promotion in order to get noticed.

5. Blogging karma

I came across the term blogging karma when I was desperately researching ways to bring my blog to the next level. What is it you might ask? Well, it's 'what goes around comes around'.

Choose to be an active member of the community; be polite and reply to comments as much as you can, visit other blogs, read and then leave a thoughtful and genuine comment instead of the annoying 'Great post!'. I just spent three days taking pictures, editing and creating the post and you leave a useless comment with your blog link without reading and hoping that I'll support you? Twat...

The blogging community is one of the most supportive networks that you can be a part of so play your role. Basically support others and in return they will support you too.

I hope you find this post to be helpful and do share your blogging advice to beginners too! We all can learn from each other and grow together. Don't forget to hop over to Anjelique's blog and check out her advice for new bloggers (read here)!

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