BOOK REVIEW: The Planet Friendly Diet by Cat Smiley

Healthy eating and me are like oil and water; we never get along and I doubt we ever will but as I am slowly inching closer towards mid-life, I thought what harm can it bring to me. Frankly, I think my body would probably appreciate it if I don't stuff it with so much junk food but as I have said countless times, it's a bad habit that I have had ever since I can remember.

Recently I was offered the opportunity to review The Planet Friendly Diet "Your 21-Day Guide to sustainable weight loss and optimal health"* written by Cat Smiley, an award-winning body transformation specialist and owner of Canada's popular weight-loss retreat for women, Whistler Fitness Vacations. This book is also gluten, wheat, dairy and meat free so it would suit anyone with the said food allergies or anyone who avoids the food group for health or personal reasons.

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Now, now, before you guys decide to tear me apart for featuring a diet book here on Reflection of Sanity, let me explain myself. While I certainly don't have any need to lose weight, I was curious about this book because I wanted to start eating healthier. Shall I say, I am growing wiser with age?

Cat Smiley

Let's talk about the good; this book is very detailed and it covers the smallest details such as what you need in your kitchen, how to be food safe, how to cut your fruits and vegetables, etc. While this may seem ridiculous and unnecessary details for us who know our way in the kitchen, it is very informative and helpful to anyone who is just starting to cook for themselves.

I also love that it has weekly grocery lists, budgets and tips on what and how to plan for your meals for the whole week. And as you can see in the pictures above, the book provides recipes for the basics that you need such as broth, how much to use and how much to freeze for later. You also have a journal so you could diary your goals, weight loss, calories and any additional notes for yourself.

The later part of the book also educates the readers on what they are eating, the food groups, on carbs, the good and bad fats, how to read food labels and many more. It's very educational and makes a very interesting read for me.

Cat Smiley

Another huge bonus which I absolutely love about The Planet Friendly Diet* is it provides recipes from countries all around the world. You get recipes such as Kick-Ass Mango Curry (Malaysia), Neesuaz Tuna Salad (France)Sesame Stir-Fry (Hong Kong) and many more. It's definitely interesting to cook recipes inspired by other countries.

Now to the not so good, well at least for me...I had no idea this book is meant for a two smoothies and one meal (1,200 healthy calories) a day diet. You are allowed 200 calories of healthy snacks such as fruits and carrot sticks with salsa. It supposedly makes you experience mental clarity and focus, in addition to increased energy, weight loss, clearer skin and reduced cravings for unhealthy food.

I'm not sure about you but if you put me onto a two smoothies, carrots with salsa and then let me eat an itty bitty meal a day, I would probably be serving a life sentence somewhere. Hangry is my middle name. This will not work on me, it might work on others but no way, Jose for this mama.

I also wish that it has more than just a couple of pages on exercising. It very briefly touched the topic with some guidelines on walking, elliptical, step-ups and stationary bikes but nothing more. What it did recommend is to book a few sessions with a personal trainer to guide you into the right direction but how many of us can afford that? I know I can't.

In short, I think this book will appeal to anyone who is looking for a guide towards healthier and smarter eating habits and anyone who is already very disciplined in his/her weight loss journey. It's also encouraged to do a 7 days clean eating or detox before starting on this diet so if you're only starting to dip toes into weight loss then this might not be right for you.

Have you been on any diets? What are your diet success stories, please share!

The Planet Friendly Diet is available for purchase starting January 2016 and retailing for $29.95 US / $29.95 CAN.

*I received this product for free but my thoughts and opinions are 100% unbiased, honest and my own. There is no place for any sort of BS here.

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