How On Earth Did We Get Here?! November Favourites

2015 is quickly inching its way towards the end and here I am grasping at straws trying my very best to stay 36 because come January, I'll be weeks away from turning thirty fecking seven. Oh eternal youth, where art thou?!

On another note, I pretty much made an arse of myself throughout my 20s so turning older isn't that bad after all. Remember the 'we're going to so and so's home for a quiet movie night' but it turned out to be everything but quiet or a movie night and you ended up stumbling out of the bar at 5am?

Oh yea, the not so good ol' days.

My less than lady like moments aside, let's talk about my November favourites which I assure you, are much pleasant to read.

November 2015 favourites

It's funny how many things I rediscovered and fell head over heels in love again when I go through my makeup graveyard. I mean seriously, why did I even stop using them when they are brilliant? That's what I get for being so caught up with all the latest releases that more often than naught, disappoint me.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (reviewed here) is seriously one of the best drugstore foundations that I've ever used. The one and only reason why I'm hesitant to use this is Bourjois is freaking expensive here in Canada! So I'm using this slowly until I head back to Malaysia and I can stock up.

Stila Kajal Eye Liner in shade Topaz is a permanent staple in my makeup. I used it on my waterline to give the impression that my eyes are larger and have recently started loving Benefit High Brow (reviewed here) again to highlight my eyebrows for a more polished look. THEFACESHOP Freshian Volumizing Mascara* took me by surprise. I thought the mascara was destined to be doomed with the weird shape wand and its bristles placed quite far apart and wet formula. But hey ho, it turned out to be one of the best budget mascaras that I have ever tried. It gives length, volume and curl like there's no tomorrow and needless to say, it's officially love.

And thanks to Ashley's (read here) influences and how she endlessly preached (I kid, I wuv this girl!) about wearing a lip liner before lipstick whenever she's rocking  nude lips, I've finally jumped onto the bandwagon. I've been matching Avon Ultra Luxury Lipliner in shade Neutral (reviewed here) with OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in shade Laguna Beach which on its own is a touch too pale on me but when matched with a lip liner, it's the perfect nude shade.

Anyone surprised that Fillume Volumizing Serum* and Moisturizer* made it into November favourites? I adore both and am seriously reluctant to stop using the moisturizer but as the job requirement goes, I am now testing another moisturizer. I have also been using Nanoblur* every time I wear makeup, that little photoshop in a tube is beyond lovely and I love how it makes my face look absolutely flawless. It's not in the picture because I couldn't find it when I wanted to take this picture and somehow it managed to reappear once I'm done. *insert eye roll*

November 2015 favourites
This fudge was made BEFORE Little Tyke's allergy scare hence there's walnuts in it.

I seriously apologize for the less than perfect picture but thanks to Winter, natural lighting is non-existent but this butterscotch chocolate fudge has been dominating our home. It's so freaking good! It's also extremely simple to do hence I won't be posting a recipe for it but if you want to try it then....

Simple Butterscotch Chocolate Fudge

1 packet of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 packet of butterscotch chips
2 cans of condensed milk (300mL each)
2 tsp vanilla extract or any kind of essence that you like, for example peppermint (use 1 tbs if you're using essence instead of extract)
A pinch of salt (roughly 1/4 tsp)
Nuts of choice, could be your husband's if he's being naughty (optional)

Just melt butterscotch and semi-sweet chocolate chips with condensed milk with a double boiler, take off the heat, stir in vanilla extract, salt and nuts if using, pour it into a tray which has been lined with parchment paper and chill. This is a soft fudge so it will never fully harden up even though you leave it in the fridge.

You won't regret making this and let me know if you try the recipe! Your belly will love it but...the weighing scale might scream for you to get the hell off it.

November 2015 favourites

I adore this series and have been faithfully watching it since Season 1. I almostttt stop watching it last season because I have zero tolerance for bitches but I persevered. Next? I can't wait for 12 Monkeys to come back on air.

I'm also back into yoga after my thigh injury healed and it's been an uphill battle to get back into it. After taking it slow for more than a month, I'm not as strong as I was but at least I managed to practise again.

Now I'll hand it over to you, how was your November?

ps: Thank you so much for all your kind wishes about Little Tyke, it meant a lot to us. He's doing fine but none too happy with us making him take Benadryl and steroids. We're just being extra careful until we can pin point the cause of his allergy.

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