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Monday again and it doesn't matter if you're working or a stay at home mum, you dread this darn day. Some of us are still nursing that damn hangover that refused to go away and for me it means I'm back to one on one with Little Tyke who somehow decided to embrace the terrible twos early. I swear he's 18 months going on 18 years...a mind of his own and a mega temper came rolling with it too. It's like I'm dealing with a very young, very small male version of myself. Or as my mum said...karma, because I was a little terror myself. 

Gee...thanks mum.

Let's cut to the chase and we're not here today to talk about what a lil' nightmare I was and Little Tyke is. We're here to spread some smiles, sunshine, rainbows and unicorns on a dang Monday morning with Happiness Boutique. A Berlin based statement jewellery online boutique which is determined to spread happiness everyday and everywhere (read their story here).


Beautiful Rhinestone Cuff Earrings
Beautiful Rhinestone Cuff Earrings €18.90*....wet hair, don't care 

Simplicity Pearl Earrings
Simplicity Pearl Earrings €14.95*

Happiness Boutique is famous for their stunning statement necklaces however, I decided to go against the grain or so to speak and chose two gorgeous pair of earrings. Yes, they have a wide variety of earrings, bracelets and even clothes.

The delivery service was pretty quick, I received the tracking email on 22 September and it arrived on 7 October. The earrings arrived beautifully packaged in a box and can I just gush about the quality for a short moment? Both earrings are well made, sturdy, not a scratch in sight and I have been wearing them every single time I leave the house. 

Happiness Boutique also has one of the best reward programs that I have seen, you earn 5 points per product review and 5 points per photo sharing. To check the rewards that they offer, click here.

I know there are many reviews on Happiness Boutique and like many, I previously wondered if all the amazing reviews can be trusted. It's safe to say, each and every one of the brilliant reviews that you and I have read is true, they are amah-zinggg! The one and only hiccup I have with them is the price can be pretty steep after the currency exchange but they do make up for it by offering free shipping without tracking.

Happiness Boutique is determined to spread sunshine and happiness around the world and they are doing a bloody brilliant job at it.

*I received this product for free but my thoughts and opinions are 100% unbiased, honest and my own. There is no place for any sort of BS here.

Over the weekend: We finally had a wee bit of time on Saturday night after Little Tyke went to bed so we decided to rent a movie. Hubby was feeling adventurous so he decided to rent a 3D movie and we spent the next hour trying to sync the f!$@ing 3D glasses. We rented San Andreas because of The Rock and let me tell ya...it was a bloody pain. Everything about the movie was painful, like having a stake shoved up your arse painful.
Little Tyke has also been sick since last week. He was well for almost two weeks and then bam! he was down with a cold and cough again. So I am apologizing in advance for not replying to comments or visiting your blog but I promise I will once he's a little better.

Talk to me...how was your weekend?

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