How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

I have a confession, oh yes sirrrr! I am so full of confessions that it would make a priest's head spin into the abyss.

I am absolutely horrid at washing my makeup brushes. It's not that I forget to do it, it's just pure laziness. I find the task to be boring, time consuming, bla bla bla..well, you get the drift. And I usually will come up with countless excuses to put it off. It's quite embarrassing.

During my recent makeup purge (it was a heart breaking goodbye), I found my small hair bun donut hidden under a mountain of lipstick. Don't ask me how it got there, I would blame the move from Malaysia to Canada for it. Or the Christmas elves, you never know with them.

For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to wash my brushes against it. Well, why not right? It's a rough plastic wire-y surface that seemed perfect for me to twirl my brushes and then rinse it out. And I did exactly that.

I wet my makeup brush, dipped it into little tyke's Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo, gently swirled it against my hair bun donut and then rinsed it under running water. I find that by doing so, I could easily wash out the dirt from the deep centre part of my brushes, especially with my Wayne Goss no. 1 foundation brush.

Surprisingly, it took me less than 5 minutes to wash all of my dirty brushes and it was equally as easy to clean and dry the hair donut.

I think it is safe to say that my lazy days to wash makeup brushes are officially over.

How often do you wash your makeup brushes and how do you do it? Please share as I am really curious on how others take care of their makeup brushes!

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