And Up It Goes!

We had been looking forward to the last week of November for a while now. Why? Well, we decided to wait till then to finally put up out Christmas tree! Trust me, it took us a lot of restraint, there were days that hubby dearest was tempted to put it up much earlier and on other days, it was me losing my patience, no surprise there.

Christmas this year is different from all the other years we've been together. While it was not celebrated by my family back in Malaysia, it is a huge celebration for hubby's family so we are fully immersed in the whole festive excitement. It's even more exciting for us as it's in a new country, a new home, basically everything is brand spanking new so there is a lot to look forward to. We've been walking around the malls and it's just an eye opener for me to see how different Christmas is celebrated here. Back in Malaysia, it feels like it's just another reason to shop till you drop but here, it's a completely different atmosphere. I love seeing different events trying to engage the general public into joining fund raisers. We are able to bid on Christmas trees, gingerbread house and all the money goes to a good cause.

Hubby dearest putting up the tree.

And it's up and lit!

This set of ornaments are from MIL

More ornaments from MIL

We bought this from our trip to Nanaimo last weekend

To celebrate our first Christmas in our new home in a new country

This was from last year when I was pregnant with little tyke 

This was our first ornament together; when we finally met for real in 2012

More ornaments from MIL

African Angel ornament, a gift from MIL

Winnie the Pooh train set ornaments

A closer look

How can we not have a Santa snow globe?

Right about done..still have more to put up

Finally bought our tree topper!
It lights up and spins, a little tacky but it's all we could find :-/

And on the outside we have a wreath from Martha Stewart range and a snowman!

We had to move the right shelf to the left in order to make way for the Christmas tree. Back in Malaysia we had a small tree due to lack of space. We're living in a small apartment so a 4ft tree was all we could fit into our home but this year, we decided to go all out! There are still more stuff to get, I don't think we're done shopping yet. Every time we go out, hubby dearest looks for something to buy for little tyke...this house will be flooded by toys soon.

I do look forward to Christmas dinner this year. My MIL is cooking turkey, gravy and the whole nine yards and it is something that I have never experienced before so you can understand my excitement.

Do you celebrate Christmas? Is your Christmas tree up? And please share about your Christmas traditions, I would love to read about it!

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