Touchdown Canada!

Our journey to Canada started two and half years ago. Yes, it has been a very long one with lots of frustration in between and of course, a lot of money involved too. We decided to do things the right way by hiring an immigration consultant to assist us with all the needed documents and forms in my PR application and then there was a lot of waiting. The PR process was slowed down because of my pregnancy (I couldn't do the required medical test) but after little tyke's arrival, everything went pretty fast. We believe his presence played a role in hastening the process...well, maybe the immigration officers are finally convinced that our marriage is real and I am not a wife/maid/hooker/and-everything-in-between or worse, a mail ordered bride. How do you insert a dull face into a blogger post?

My first week here has been filled with mixed emotions; happiness and sadness. My heart is broken because my eldest son was not permitted to come with me (his dad refused permission) but at the same time, I am glad to finally be here with hubby dearest and little tyke. There was also many moments when I felt guilty of feeling was tough and I still catch myself feeling horrible every now and then.

Little tyke came down with a horrible cold the first couple of days we arrived and then I came down with the worst cold I have ever experienced. For a day or two, I sounded like a man, sexy eh? Both little tyke and me also experienced very dry skin, our face literally looked like it was peeling off! Eeekk! The change of climate was a huge contributor in that, thank you.

I must admit that Canada is gorgeous, it is more beautiful than I have ever imagined and I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to live here. Hubby dearest and I also agreed that it is a great place for little tyke to grown up.

And so without anymore nonsensical ramblings from me...below are some pictures through my eyes.

Vancouver airport

View from the plane

More view from the plane

Clear blue sky

Yellow traffic

I love the drive down this road, the view is just stunning!

Homes overlooking the corn fields

I was the woman in black, all wrapped up in the first week!

The first sight of autumn

Black berries grow wild throughout our walking trail
It is not much, I haven't had much chance to go out and explore, yet but hopefully in the next month or so, things will finally settle down and I can get back into some sort of routine.

Till next post, luvs! xx

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