Moving all the Way Across to the Other Side of the World ~ Hello Canada!

This post will not be a huge surprise for those who has been following me all this while. I have been mentioning one too many times about my huge upcoming move all the way to the other side of the world for a couple of months now.

I was born and grew up in Malaysia for the first 30 plus years of my life and today, 10 September 2014, I will be following my husband back to his home country in Canada. This is a huge decision and one of the biggest change in my life but I am blessed with supportive family and friends. This is not a temporary move, it's a permanent migration. I will still come back to visit my family every now and then but it will never be as often as I like.

Am I nervous? Yes, I am because I don't know how I'll adapt to the new life and place. Am I worried? No, not at all. My husband has been wonderful and extremely supportive of me and somehow, I know everything will be okay.

The past week, especially the past couple of days have been extremely hard. There have been so many tears, so many unbearable hugs and good byes but then again, I also discovered who were the ones that mattered most to me and who were the ones who stood side by side with me, holding my hands and telling me it's all going to be okay and how lucky I am to be given the opportunity to see the other side of the world.

Sorry for being so melodramatic about this but it is never easy to leave your love ones behind. All I can say is "Thank goodness for Skype!".

I will be back posting here hopefully in a week time but if I don't then I sincerely apologize in advance. Moving is always crazy and it gets crazier when it's across the globe with a 4 months old so I hope you understand.

I will also be purchasing a new laptop when I arrive Canada so all my bookmarks from this laptop will be missing. For those of you who are not on Bloglovin, I do appreciate if you could leave your blog link in the comment section so I can follow your blogs once again (I promise I visit every one of them!) when I am back online. I know I can copy all the links down myself but I am seriously super busy and my past few posts on here have been drafted in advance.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been so supportive of Reflection of Sanity and I will see you guys again soon!

Shireen xx

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