REVIEW: Unico Soothing & Hydrating Bio Cellulose Mask of Love

I have to shamefully admit that I have been lazy for the past couple of months. Gone are the days where I will take some time to pamper myself with facial mask. Well, given the choice of 30 minutes power nap and 15 minutes facial mask pampering, I will choose naps, thank you very much.

I finally had the time to try out this mask that has been sitting pretty in my fridge for months. Little tyke was fast asleep and hubby dearest was on leave from work so I jumped at the opportunity to give my skin some desperately needed TLC.

Directions to use and ingredient list 
You have to peel the white layer first, position the mask on your face and finally peel the blue layer

On my face, so sorry for the scary sight! Eekk!

I personally hate doing reviews when I cannot test the product properly but I just have to make an exception in this case because this mask left my skin feeling baby soft the whole night till the next day. I swear I couldn't stop touching my face until hubby dearest gave me the side eye.

This mask is so easy to use and all I needed to do was wash my face, dry it, take the mask out and peel off the white layer, place the mask on my face and then peel off the blue layer. Then I just lay down, check all my social media and 20 minutes later I am done.

The mask has a slightly weird almost jelly like texture and it has a slight chemical smell. It wasn't unpleasant though as the smell disappeared half way through...or my nose got immune to it. My face did not experience any reaction with this but if I have to nitpick then it would be the discomfort I experience trying to avoid the eye area. It has tiny weeny little holes for eyes and I kept getting it on my lids which I believe I should avoid with any mask.

I followed my normal skin care routine of serum and moisturiser after using this mask and my skin seems to absorb the products better. But it's the after effect that wow'ed me the most. It was a baby smooth skin and I honestly cannot recall a mask that managed to give this level of softness with only one usage.

This mask is definitely on the pricey side as it is retailing MYR19.90 per piece but I think it is absolutely worth it for a once a week pampering. Love this!

Unico Soothing & Hydrating Bio Cellulose Mask of Love can be bought here.

Do you like using mask? What are your favourites and how many times a week do you use it? Please share!

EDIT: I have since repurchased this mask, it's that good!

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