Gorgeous Lips

Disclaimer: Before anyone tempted to clobber me across the head... by no way I am saying that my lips are gorgeous (I swear I cringed a little by even thinking of that) but I personally find the combination of both products below give such a gorgeous look on the lips. 

Okay, now that I have clarify myself in regard of my silly post title...let's get to the stars of this post, products please!

Gorgeous Lips
NYX Lip Balm & Michael Kors Lip Gloss
Gorgeous Lips
NYX Colour Lip Balm in Merci
Gorgeous Lips
Michael Kors Lip Gloss
Gorgeous Lips
NYX Colour Lip Balm in Merci*
This is an amazing product by itself. It is hydrating on the lips, very pigmented and just so easy to use. I can apply it without a mirror, completely fuss free. This shade Merci is a beautiful bright pink and it gives such an instant glow to my face. All I need is eyeliner, mascara and a swipe of this lip balm and I am good to go.

Michael Kors Original Eau de Parfum Rollerball & Lip Gloss Duo*
Hubby dearest surprise me with this as one of my wedding anniversary gifts. I will review the roll on perfume in another post but today, I will be concentrating on the lip gloss. The gloss is a soft, pale pink which can be used on its own or with an underlying colour. What I love about this gloss the texture. It is not gloppy nor is it sticky on my lips. It doesn't sit heavy on my lips and I personally find it to be hydrating. And I also love the doe foot applicator! It makes applying this gloss a breeze and not once I made a mess which proved to be a personal achievement for me. The bad side? Horrible staying power. It lasted barely 3 hours without eating and drinking.

While each product is beautiful on its own, the combination of these are just amazing! The gloss somehow has longer staying power on top of this lip balm than other lipsticks that I have tried.
NYX, Michael Kors
Photo not altered in any way.
This picture was taken after 3 hours and the gloss still looks fresh! I absolutely love it! This combination is a definite winner in my book.

What about you? Do you have favourite combination for your lip products? Do share!

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