REVIEW: Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Optimizing Serum and Gentle Hydrating Cream

Another 2 sample products that I received so I could try and hope that it will be a miracle worker for my skin. Now  I must admit that I am very lucky as I have a pretty good skin which does not break out or have any redness. I have a pimple, a spot maybe once a year or once every couple of years...but this bloody serum and cream combo gave me a spot with just one usage! I have a buffalo hide for skin so I was really surprise with how my skin reacted with this combo.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Optimizing Skin Serum
You know how much I love my serums but this is one serum that really put me off. I cannot vouch anything about the result, yet but the smell of this serum is just so bad. It smells like a mixture of chemical and melted plastic, I kid you not.
Texture wise is light lotion but it takes almost forever for it to absorb into my skin and it leaves a very uncomfortable tacky feeling that doesn't seems to really go away. This is again surprising for me as my dry skin usually drinks up serum almost instantly.
I will continue using this serum alone and if there is any improvement or if I miraculously fall in love with this serum then I will do another update post. But for now? Yuck!

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Cream
When I tried this on the back of my hand, the texture feels light and lotion-y but when I put it on my face, uh huh...gurl, let me tell's like putting cooking oil on my face. My face instantly looks oily and regardless how long I try to massage this cream into my skin, it doesn't absorb. Hello disco ball, not cool.

This cream does have a soft pleasant smell that reminds me of an open field. It's soothing and refreshing but I guess the good ends here for me.

I am a little disappointed as I have read many rave reviews about both products but unfortunately, these just did not work for me. I did let my spot go away and gave this combo another try and guess what? The damn spot came back again the next day! Grrr! But seriously, what a huge shame...


  1. [ Smiles ] Elizabeth Arden's products have a good reputation.

    1. Yes, they generally do but can't win them all. Some worked wonders, others not so much. :-)

  2. The term 'serum' always throws me when I read these blog postings. Not just here, but elsewhere too.

    You see I instinctively think of something different, usually Blood Serum, however I spotted this reference to Truth Serum just now and I think that might stick in my mind in future. I now have a vision of ladies having an uncontrollable urge to spill the beans and tell the truth, having rubbed beauty products onto their skin...

    I am having to educate myself that in this context, i.e. beauty products, 'serum' actually means 'lotion'..

    Sorry if I am not taking your blog posting seriously enough, its a good post as usual and BJ will find it useful, but I thought that this observation on the word 'serum' meaning different things to different audiences was worth sharing...

    1. LMAO! Never apologies for having a great sense of humour, Ray. It's should be a crime for anyone who doesn't have one. Truth serum would be something useful but I reckon you wouldn't want to hear half the crap us ladies have to say. ;-)


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