REVIEW: BeYu Lip Cream

Let me start by saying I am not a huge fan of lip gloss. The idea of having my hair stuck on my lips and gloss streaking across my face is not quite my cup of tea. And I have encountered one too many ladies with goopy lips, having gone overboard with their lip glosses. Whenever I see someone with an overly glossy lips, I always wonder if a fly could get trap on it. I have the weirdest thought, I know.

BeYu Lip Cream is a product of Germany (yes, I instantly thought 'WOW! Must be greattt!' too...). Unfortunately I am unable to give much background on this lip cream as I received this in a beauty box. I went over BeYu website and I am unable to find this lip cream listed on it...strange.

Let's get to the good....
I swear this has to be one of the most pigmented lip cream/gloss that I have ever come across. The colour pay off is just crazy intense and the colour upon application is the exact colour you see from the tube. It has a soft pointy applicator which made application a breeze. I have no idea why this is called a lip cream as this looks like a gloss to me. Texture wise is creamy, very smooth and my lips feels hydrated with it. The finish is not tacky at all so it is great for me who dislike lip gloss for this reason. This product does have a sweet, almost a vanilla scent to it which I find to be very pleasant. There is also no glitter in this lip cream which is a huge plus point. I honestly hate shimmer/glitter in lip products. I don't need a disco ball as lips.

And now to the bad....
The staying power of this product is nearly none! I need reapplication after finishing just one drink because everything is transferred onto the cup. There is also no mention of the colour shade on the tube so I have no idea what colour I received but if I have to guess, I would say it's a mauvey, purplish shade with a slight pink undertone. I also dislike the fact there is no ingredient list at all. It is always nicer to know what is in a product.

Honestly, I am on the fence on this product. I neither love nor hate it. It's actually a great product but with an extremely poor staying power. I will use it when I have to make a quick run to the store but never when there's eating and drinking involved.


  1. Staying power is very important to blokes....

    There's nothing worse than being kissed and finding I'm covered in lipstick/gloss.
    Not that it happens very often, of course...!

    1. You're selling yourself a little short there, mate. LOL! But yes, it's disgusting to have gooey mess all over the lips and even worse, transferring it to someone else.


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