Tony Roma's Restaurant, Mid Valley

I first ate here years ago when this restaurant just opened. It was a one time experience and the food was less than impressive (this is me being kind...) and I never returned, ever. However, last Sunday Kevin mentioned that Tony Roma's is actually decent back in Canada and they serve a good onion loaf so I thought "How bad can it be?". Besides, it has been years since I ate there...maybe the food quality have improved?

So hey-ho, off we go to Tony Roma's...

We went pretty early so there wasn't many customers around. Actually, there have never been many customers flocking to this restaurant so that should have been a clear warning sign to us.

I had ice lemon tea but Kevin decided to venture down the fruity lane and ordered Tropical Punch that came in this margarita glass. I had a sip of this and hated it as it had a cheap, sickly sweet bubble gum flavour. Kevin is and will never be as fussy as me so he didn't mind it as much and happily finished the drink.

The supposedly yummy onion loaf. We ordered half loaf and ugh, it was just a disappointment. The batter was a little soggy and falling off the onions, basically a mess.

I ordered this pasta (forgot the name! argh!) and thankfully, it was decent but omg!!! it was such a huge size that it could have fed 3-4 pax! Needless to say, it was wasted as I barely ate half of it. While I have no complain about this dish, it was also nothing to shout about. It's something that can be easily created at home so yes, a little disappointed that it's not quite the restaurant quality that I was hoping for.

Kevin wasn't very hungry so he ordered a panini sandwich. Again, this is something that can be easily done at home. Grab a few slices of ham, pastrami, good cheddar slices, arrange it in a panini and grill it and you will get this. It was nothing special, no special sauce or dressing or mayo, nothing.

I know Tony Roma's is supposedly good and famous for their ribs but if they are not able to impress with such simple, everyday dish...I am hesitant to order and pay big money for their ribs as it's taking huge risk at being disappointed, again.

Yes, I can be a little fussy but my opinion is, when I go to a restaurant, I expect a restaurant quality meal and not something that I can easily make at home. Why should I pay big price for food that is barely decent?

Tony Roma's...I am not impressed and no, I don't think I will ever return.


  1. The food looks good in the pics, but that can definitely be deceiving. Nice review and I actually ate at Tony Romo's a few years ago and definitely wasn't impressed either. :)


    1. Yay! Glad I'm not the only one who wasn't impressed! xo


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