REVIEW: Dove Nutritive Therapy Nutri-Oil Serum

I have been on a hair product binge recently...and skin care. Makeup? Shockingly not so much anymore. *gasp!* You heard that right, not so obsessed about makeup anymore. It's probably a temporary break-up between makeup and me...but like a downward spiral relationship between Justin Beaver (typo but it's staying!) and Selena, we'll get back together again and again.

Guardian pharmacies have been playing Santa and giving blow out sales up to 50% on selected products so obviously I had to walk in to check stuff out. Hey, I never know what I have been missing from my life all this while....

I was running low on my Schwarzkopf leave in conditioner so when I saw Dove was on sale, I instantly zoomed in on the nutri-oil serum. I have not read much about this serum but it was retailing at MYR19.90, a decent low price so I thought why not?

Simple packaging, nothing fancy 

What it claims to do and directions to use 


 Product in clear plastic bottle with a pump. I do love the plastic bottle as it's light which makes it great for travelling and doesn't break as easily as glass bottle. This is great for a klutz like me.

Product (2 pumps)

This serum pleasantly surprise me. I was expecting the usual heavy oil but this serum was actually very light! I used 2 pumps of this serum, warm it in between my hands and run it through my damp hair from mid length to the ends.

The result? My hair felt silky smooth and soft without any oiliness or heaviness. After blow drying, my hair seems to have some bounce in it and hey-ho, even some shine! It also seems to tame whatever little frizz that I have too.

I really like this serum. It's lightweight and seems to do wonders for my hair. The best part? It's so affordable and performs way better than some expensive hair serums that I have bought. If I have to be really fussy, the only thing that might be a downside for some people is the smell. This serum does smell like soap which might not suit everyone.

I must say Dove did a great job with this serum. Major love from me!

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