Beauty Box REVIEW: Bag of Love (March/April)

Today I finally received my first purchased beauty box, Bag of Love. This beauty box well, scratch that, actually it's a bag was my first purchased and VanityTrove was my second purchased, however, as most of you luvs know by now, VanityTrove arrived within a couple of days and this beauty bag only got into my hands today. Truth to be told, the courier tried to send me this parcel yesterday but I was not at home and even today, he made the second delivery attempt and I was at my weekly check-up! Thank goodness my brother was home to receive it for me, phew!

So let's take a peek into this beauty bag, shall we? I do apologise in advance that this post is PICTURE HEAVY, to the goodies!

Love the bag and best part, it's in my favourite colour too!
I am pleased with this bag as I will use it to store all my toiletries when I check into hospital for delivery. Perfect timing to receive this beautiful bag!

 A good mixture of full and sample size products..hmm, I spy some vouchers? 

TOP 2 PICS: A lovely note and brief description of products together with full size prices
BOTTOM 2 PICS: Vouchers

Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions Intense Repair Conditioner *full size (MYR9.90)
I used this conditioner tonight and I must say, WOW! What a brilliant conditioner! It made my hair sooo soft and it was easy to rinse too. The down side? Like many Dove products, it's fragrance heavy. It doesn't bother me any but it might be overpowering for some.

CK One Red Edition for her Body Wash *sample size (MYR200 for 200ml full size)
Righttt...I must admit that I rolled my eyes when I saw this in the bag. Why would you give a body wash without giving a sample of the perfume? Doesn't make much sense in my opinion...thumbs down.

Nuxe Paris Creme Nirvanesque First Expression Lines *sample size (MYR160 for 50ml full size)
Absolutely thrilled to receive this day cream especially when I am on my current skin care obsession! I made a quick research online about this cream and the general consensus seems to love this cream so fingers crossed that I am on my way to discover another brilliant skin care!
COVO HD BB Cream SPF50+++ *sample size (MYR89.00 for full size 30ml)
I have never heard of this brand before but a quick check online showed COVO which is short for COsmetic eVOlution is the brain child of Malaysian, Julie Wong. I have been preferring BB cream instead of foundation recently so I am happy with this sample. And a BB cream with SPF50+++?! Sign me up Sparky!

Uber-Men Haydrating Mist *full size (MYR16.90)
Another product that made me rolled my eyes...why give me men skincare? Wouldn't it be better to include another beauty product that I can use? I gave this to hubby dearest....

MIACARE Acne Patch for Day *sample size 3 patches (MYR9.50 for 12 patches)
I gave this to my brother's girlfriend because 1. I never suffer from acne (touch wood!!!) 2. I rarely get a pimple 3. It's a damn shame to let this go to waste...even though I have never seen her with any breakouts before.

Human Nature Overnight Elixir *sample size (MYR129.90 for full size 30ml)
I love, love, LOVE facial oils! Josie Maran Argan Oil has been heaven sent for my skin and I have been researching about other facial oils to try. Most facial oils are bloody expensive so this sample is great for me to try without breaking my wallet.

Mask of Love by Unico (MYR19.90)
A hydrating mask so this gets 2 big thumbs up from me who has normal to dry skin.

So how did Bag of Love fare? I am actually on the fence about this and am not sure if I want to subscribe the next bag. While I am pleased with most of the products, I am a little put off by the vouchers which are pretty much useless for me. I subscribed because I wanted beauty products, that's right...PRODUCTS and not vouchers. And I also feel a little cheated by Bag of Love for giving a full size men product, like seriously? Oh well, I have another 2 months for consider if I want to purchase the next bag (that's right, Bag of Love is one bag bi-monthly) so we'll see how it goes.

Bag of Love is selling for MYR39.90 per bag.

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  1. loved hearing about your experience and foreign (to me) brands!


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