Living in Malaysia, a well known hot and humid country with sun shining bright nearly all year round can do serious damage to skin. While I am not completely anal about sun protection (I know I should take more precaution against the sun) I do religiously use body lotion to keep my skin moisturise.

I guess I have my mum to thank for getting me into this habit, she made sure I use it ever since I was a wee young one. Back in the days, she would slather Johnson&Johnson pink bottle baby lotion all over me and oh boy! I hated it with a passion. I've never liked the smell of it till today and I have always felt it leaves a slightly sticky residue for the longest time. But as I grew up, I discovered Palmer's body lotion range and I fell completely in love with their Olive Butter Formula with Vitamin E. I also used their Cocoa Butter Formula which is specifically designed to combat the ever dreaded stretch marks back when I was pregnant with Josh and now. These lotion are brilliant in keeping my skin soft and while I know genetics and many other factors come into play in regards with stretch marks, I would like to believe that Palmer's had a hand in helping me avoiding it completely!

Two Palmer's lotion that I am currently using.

I swear by this in keeping my skin in the best condition.


The lotion is light green in colour with a very faint scent. I can't quite explain the scent, sorry but it is certainly not unpleasant for me. Lotion absorbs really quickly and does not leave behind a tacky, sticky residue.

My best friend during pregnancy!


A white lotion that smells like chocolate with a hint of butterscotch. Absolutely heavenly! This too absorbs very quickly and it has been great to keeping stretch mark away.

Do you use any body lotion? Do share what's your favourite brand as I would love to know what works for you.

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