BEWARE of Malaysia Online Discount Site -

I have to voice out my disappointment with a Malaysia online discount site, I have had the great shopping experience with Groupon but I cannot say the same with MyDEAL. It was just pure horrid and to be honest? I was convinced that I got scammed.

A couple of months ago I ran out of my hand cream and was looking to purchase a new one. I was just surfing online (as always!) and came across which offered a discount on the ever famous L'Occitane hand cream. It was a very low price for a set of 6 hand creams and of course, it piqued my interest and Kevin gave me the go ahead to purchase it.

I made my purchase on 4 February and the delivery period was supposed to be between 15 - 25 February 2014. No problem right? WRONG! I waited and waited and continued to wait and 25 February came and gone with nothing delivered. No email notifying me that the delivery is delayed, nothing, nada. So I called the customer service answer. The phone rang endlessly and not once it was answered. Finally I did something which I should have done before purchasing...I turned to trusty ol' Google for the truth and what do you know? Countless complains and warnings about this site. I was not the only one who has problem with this crap site. Feeling really low because I was convinced that I got scammed, I boo-hoo'd about the whole debacle to Kevin who as always acted like a complete doll and told me not to worry about it.

Did I worry about it? Hell to the no...I did something better. I wrote them a fuck you email calling them out as a scam site and promised that I would report them. Long story short, they replied me with a new delivery date...25 March 2014. And 25 March came and gone and nothing was delivered again. I shot them one last email in which I stopped short of telling them to shove their bloody head up where the sun don't shine and was prepared to report them to consumer tribunal and whatever legal bodies that I could reach out to but....

..........I received a call from office front desk this morning telling me there's a package for me. And guess what?

The package has finally arrived. I guess I am lucky that I received my purchase as I have read many complains about not receiving the products.

All in all, this post serves as a WARNING to everyone. Steer clear of this ain't worth your money, your precious time and most importantly, your mental and emotional health!


  1. oh no!! how horrible!! i hate that happened to you. at least you got your products...months later!

    1. Yes, it was a horrid experience but I am thankful that I got my stuff. xo

  2. shit... i've just purchased few items in mydeal and im freaking worried now!!

    1. Fingers crossed for you..hopefully this horrid experience that I went through doesn't happen to everyone. Hope you are one of the lucky ones! xo


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