Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick - Hooked on Pink (065)

I am a self-confessed lip products junkie. Let it be lipstick, balm, gloss's almost impossible for me to steer away. Every time I see something pretty I will instantly have a 'Ohh look! It's shiny!!!' moment and off I go towards the deep end of the lipstick madness.

Yesterday was no different. I went into Guardian pharmacy to purchase my pre-natal vitamins and Good Lord!!! what is that I see?

Yes, another lipstick but it's not any ordinary lipstick, I kid you not! This is the lipstick which I have been itching to get my hands on since last month however, my hunt for it was unsuccessful. I went to Guardian KLCC and Ampang Park and nope, it was sold out so when I finally saw it yesterday, the angels sang. And in my defense, it was the last tube available so I cannot let this slip through my fingers again. Phew!

Now to the review.....

I absolutely love, love, LOVE this lippie! It was worth the hunt, it was worth getting a 4 months ban from buying another lippie (another story for another time...) as it is just gorgeous. Like all Colour Sensational range, the application is smooth, creamy and the colour is opaque. The staying power is also very impressive without any fading after 5-6 hours. It fade a little after lunch but it left a pretty berry stain on my lips. This lipstick is also hydrating and my lips felt great after wearing it the whole day.

I honestly have no idea why it's called Pink as this shade is more of a rosy berry red on me but then again, I have been known to be slightly colour blind before.

Definitely my top 5 favourite lipsticks!

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