It feels like forever since I last did a makeup post where I showed my latest and currently love products or what look I have been wearing a lot. Sometimes I find it easier to write about skincare; what works or doesn't or a new launch, ingredient breakdown but makeup it a whole different level for me.

Let's put it this way, there are days it takes me 15 minutes to make my lashes visible and I couldn't blend eyeshadows to save my life. I've never been a creative soul with colours and I never will be but I do try.

Long story short, this has pretty much been my go to looks recently. Simple, fuss free with the occasional bling (do people still use that word?!).

I think the biggest change in my makeup routine is how I apply foundation; like a moisturizer. Yep, you read that right, a pump into my palm, warm it up in between my hands and apply it all over my face like I do with a moisturizer.

I am currently obsessed with Emily DiDonato (most of you would know her as the face of Maybelline. She's super down to earth, you'll see what I mean when you watch her videos) and when I saw her applying her foundation that way, I tried and haven't looked back since. The warmth of my hands seems to melt the foundation into the skin; no patchiness, no unevenness, just beautiful skin like finish. I then apply my concealer, cream blush and highlighter with my fingers and frankly, I haven't reach for my sponges or face brushes other than to apply setting powder which recently has been Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Airbrush Powder. The finish is natural looking, beautiful healthy skin and I look like maybe I'm born with it (see what I did there?). I do wish it also transformed me into looking as stunning as Emily DiDonato alas, it remains as a dream just like me hoping to win the lotto.

My brows routine remains the same; filled in with pencil and topped with clear brow gel. IT Cosmetics Brow Power is and has been my go-to. I received it as PR but have since repurchased and  I am still loving L'Oreal Boost & Set Brow Mascara. The tiny spoolie is perfect for my very sparse eyebrows and I highly recommend giving it a try.

On to the eyes which some days can be the most interesting area and other days (read: 99% of the time), I stick to what I know works. A quick matte shade all over the eyelids, a pop of shimmer in the middle, a smudge out dark brown eyeliner and lots of mascara. I very rarely reach for black eyeliner these days as I find it to age me tremendously.

And last but not least, lips. I'm lucky to have a pretty good lip shape so I rejoice in the fact it's one of the best part about my face. That also means I am a lipstick addict. It feels like I am constantly buying a lip product but that's also because it's one area that I love experimenting with. My signature look is always bold lips; some days it's red, other days deep vampy burgundy or plum and other days it's in your face fuchsia.

The finish look is probably similar to all the other looks that I've featured before but hey, what can I say, I stick to what I know works for me.

What's your signature look?
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