GUEST POST with Jaclyn Baker: Cleansing Nightmares, Don't Make These Mistakes.

Perfecting your skincare routine can be confusing. With so many new products launching everyday how is anyone supposed to keep up?

I sure can’t. Don’t worry I have some good news.

I am going to share with you 2 common cleansing mistakes people make and how to stop! By avoiding these mistakes I have been able to completely clear up my acne, and transform my overly dry skin to healthy normal skin. 

Lets get down to it.

Example One: Cleansing Too Much

Most of the time, when people want clean skin fast they don’t think about it logically.


Say you want to get more into physical fitness. A healthy practical way to go about this could be to walk 10 more minutes a day than usual. This will slowly but surely get you more comfortable with walking and overtime you can always do more.

However cleansing longer a little everyday will not help your skin…it will do the opposite. 

When I cleanse my skin I think to myself “what does my skin really need?” Well it needs to be cleansed two times a day once in the morning and once at night. 

No more no less.

Cleansing is the perfect example of quality of quantity. What option sounds better? 

1. Cleansing four times a day using a weak low quality cleanser 


2. Cleansing two times a day using a high quality cleanser that shows results

The second option of course, and here is why…

The morning cleanse is for preventing excess oil, while the night cleanse is for makeup removal and the nighttime healing process. A cleanser that is designed to tackle any concern your skin may be facing does not need to be over applied in order to work. 

Example Two: Not Moisturizing Afterwards 

Okay, so you spend your hard earned money on an awesome cleanser, but than you screw it up by not moisturizing! 

Do not do this people. 

Moisturizing twice a day right after cleansing may not show results in a week or even a month. But a few years down the line if you look at others your age I promise you will see a difference. 

This isn’t about comparison. This is about measuring results. 

Moisturizing your face really doesn’t take more than 15 seconds. Multiply that by two and you are up to 30 seconds. This is time well spent! 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day there are things more important than your skincare routine. If you go a few days without washing your face what’s the worst that can happen? At the same time having clear healthy skin has the ability to increase confidence and save money on heavy-duty concealers. 

Sounds pretty good to me.

But hey these are just my tips; leave a comment below sharing your skincare dos and don’ts. 

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