Fashion Friday: When Mummy Goes Leather

I know the title sounds a touch naughty but I'm sorry to disappoint because this post is anything but that. The colder weather means lots of layering has been going on and I finally started wearing my faux leather jacket again. On top of that, I've also been wearing my faux leather jeggings a lot so much so that Mr. Platt has noticed it. 

My fashion sense is honestly very boring but since I did promise to include how I'm usually dressed when I'm out and about with Little Tyke, here's me in all my awkward glory.





The jacket was picked up from the junior section because it was the only one that fit me well. I still remember how Mr. Platt laughed so hard when I bought it...I wanted to kick him in the nuts for it. 

I do adore my stripes and the one I'm wearing is from Banana Republic and came with me all the way from Malaysia. And flare jeans! Why oh why had I not bought a pair earlier? I've always stuck to skinny jeans but when the 70's trend made a huge wave earlier this year, I just had to get myself one. The one I'm wearing is from Guess and it's definitely one of my top favourite jeans to wear.

So that's it for my Fashion Friday, I can't promise if this will be a regular series. I do feel super weird, awkward and alien in front of the camera but if you do enjoy the post then let me know in the comment and I'll try yes, tryyy to make it a regular.

Wishing all you lovelies a very lovely weekend! 

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