REVIEW: Guerlain Rouge Exceptional Complete Lip Colour (Georgia)

Let me tell you a story.....

One fine day, right after the biggest, belly stuffing lunch which ended with the biggest, fluffiest cupcake dessert, I strolled passed a quaint little cupcake shop. I saw the prettiest, cutest cupcake in the display window, similar to the one I just had but not so much that it deserves to be checked out. So I walked into the shop and that led me to have an itty bitty taste which finally ended with me stuffing my face with another damn cupcake that my waist, thighs and butt could do without....

And that was pretty much a similar story of how I ended up with this lipstick...because the shade was similar with a few lipsticks that I owned but 'Oh my goodness, it's sooo shiny!' It was MYR175.00 worth of shininess. And I don't even like cupcakes....damn you cupcake shop named Sephora.

If I am to describe this lipstick with one word, it would  be...luxurious. But this is supposed to be a review so I wouldn't end this post here. Besides, I am way too chatty to be describing anything with only one word.

Guerlain Rouge Exceptional Complete Lip Colour (Georgia) is a beautiful dusky rose shade with soft creme finish on my lips. The colour is opaque and all I need is one swipe to be satisfied with the coverage. Melted butter on the lips is the one and only way I can describe this lipstick application. It's is so smooth and creamy and thankfully, doesn't feather. It kept my lips hydrated throughout wear time and it is surprisingly long lasting too.

Now let's talk to the real star of this product, the packaging. How sleek, sexy and chic is it? I must admit that it was the main reason why I was attracted to this lipstick. The silver tone metal casing was designed by jeweler Lorenz Bäumer. Yes, it is heavy but it is also exquisite and downright luxurious. When you pull out the lipstick, the top casing will open to reveal a compact mirror. I feel like a supermodel whenever I apply this lipstick...a woman can always dream, no?

After all my oooing and gushing about this product, you probably thought that I have zero complain, well, wrong, very wrong because I do have one huge complain. For the exorbitant price that this lipstick carries, I would expect more than 0.12 ounce product! And it's not even refillable! Okay, so I have two complains, plural.

Is this lipstick beautiful? Yes, it certainly is and the packaging makes it lust worthy. Will I repurchase this? Unfortunately, I have to say no because there are many other brands out there which have lipsticks just as good if not better than this which are more reasonably priced.

Maybe if I win the lotto tomorrow..yes, yes, then I will probably purchase every single shade in this range.

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