REVIEW: COVO Kiss-Proof Matte Lip Fluid (Spellbinder)

I do love matte lips, always have and always will. Yes, it can be drying and with the wrong product, matte lips will make my lips look drier than the Atacama desert but with the right product and application, it can look beautiful and the best part, very long lasting.

And this is where COVO Kiss-Proof Matte Lip Fluid* comes in. COVO graciously gave me the opportunity to choose one lip fluid to try when I attended the media launch last week. It is no secret that I am a huge fan of bold statement lips so naturally I am attracted to the shade Spellbinder. On me, Spellbinder is a beautiful berry red with a blue undertone which made my teeth look slightly whiter.

COVO Kiss-Proof Matte Lip Fluid (Spellbinder)
Comes with a mirror on the side to ease application

Doe foot applicator for easy and precise application

List of ingredients


On me (I do apologize for my bare skin, it was supposed to be a makeup free day)
COVO claims that lip fluid is kiss-proof, transfer resistant and the colour will remain bright & intense throughout the day. It is also infused with Vitamin E to protect the lips and reduce signs of ageing. So how did lip fluid fare when I put it to test? Here's my verdict after testing it for a week...

There are a few matte lips products in my collection; MAC matte/retro matte lipsticks, NYX Matte Lip Creams but none felt as light as this. This product does not sit uncomfortably on my lips, on the contrary, it feels so light that I actually forgot that I am using it. I even tried without applying a lip balm beforehand and was pleasantly surprise that my lips did not feel uncomfortably dry. Yes, it was slightly drying like all matte lip products are but it was not to the point that I felt my lips are about to crack or it hurts for me to smile.

Lip fluid applies as a cream and quickly dries down to a matte finish within less than a minute. COVO was definitely not joking when they said all you need is one thin layer and you'll get high impact colour, this lip fluid is very pigmented and yes, the colour last throughout the day. I applied this in the morning and it lasted me until the evening without reapplication. It wasn't as perfect as I first applied it in the morning but it did survive my Beef Ramen lunch so that is impressive to me.

Now for the most important question, is it really kiss proof and transfer resistant? I gave little tyke my 'death by kisses' play time and there was not one smudge on him. It also did not transfer onto the cup that I was drinking from so the answer is hell yea! Lip fluid is really transfer resistant.

One of the things that I love about COVO's packaging is it shows how they priorities customers convenience. Lip fluid comes with a built in mirror on the side for easy application. I don't need to carry a separate mirror for touching up so that is one less thing in my bag! The doe foot applicator also makes it so easy for precise application. I could easily line my lips without making a mess.

Kudos to COVO for another great product. I honestly like COVO's latest offering in the market and I won't be surprise if this will be one of their best sellers soon. Lip fluid is gentle on the lips, crazy pigmented, transfer proof and definitely long lasting.

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