Antipodean Cafe, Mid Valley

Today marked our 1 year wedding anniversary. While I know it is a small milestone for many, to us, it is a huge one. Looking back at year 2010, the idea of living together, getting married and having a child was a fool's dream, we did not even know if we would have meet in real life and yet, here we are today. I would like to think that we are proof that online relationships can be a success. Yes, there are way too many creeps trolling the online world but every now and then, you will find a rare gem and I am blessed to find mine.

Hubby dearest was knackered after working the whole night but bless his heart, he still happily took us out for brunch at the nearby mall. We decided to try Antipodean Cafe which opened a couple of months back. This cafe has always been packed with customers and it was nearly impossible to get a table but we were hoping due to the Ramadan holidays and many people will be out of the city, we will finally get a table and guess what? We were right! Yay!

I love the simplicity of the cafe, it does not come across as try-hard. I just noticed that I forgot to take a picture of the menu. This cafe does not provide menu instead patrons have to decide what you want by looking at the wall. Yes, the menu is scribbled on a large wall! Personally, I think it is a very cool concept and I like the fact I do not have to deal with dirty menus.

Another thing that I really like about this cafe was we were served a bottle of water to drink after placing our food order. I don't have to wave my hands around like a mad woman trying to get a waiter attention and then asked for a glass of water which usually never turns up. So thumbs up for this!

Big Breakfast

I loveeeeeeeee the Big Breakfast platter! I dare say it is my favourite Western breakfast and I could eat this every morning. Everything on this plate was delicious; the eggs were done perfectly (Nutmeg, I'm giving you the bloody side-eye), a generous serving of mushrooms and the beef sausage was to die for!

Eggs Benedict

Hubby dearest ordered his favourite breakfast, Eggs Benedict or heart attack in a plate as he calls it. Again, the eggs were perfectly done; firm but runny on the inside. He was definitely happy with his plate of food as he announced that he would be happy to return to this cafe before he finishes his food.

Iced Latte, Fresh Orange Juice

I cannot say much about my iced latte, it is good coffee but not something that I would scream from the roof top or so to speak. Hubby was very happy about his orange juice though, it was very fresh so kudos to that!

I must say it has been a lovely experience dining here. The waiters were very friendly and the service was fast. I like how everyone make an effort to make sure we are comfortable and were attentive to our needs. I never once felt I needed to make the extra effort to get their attention.

Love this place and we definitely will be returning to dine here again soon, well, if we can get a table. Thank you, Antipodean for such a lovely brunch on our special day. Two thumbs up!

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