Easy Ways to Look Stylish this Holiday Season

The holidays are officially upon us—we don’t know about you, but we could not be more excited. From picking out the perfect gifts for your loved ones to eating all the food to decorating our home with tinsel, we are ready to make this year the best yet. And what would the holidays be without countless parties? Whether you plan on attending one party, five parties, or just want an overall holiday-themed style infusion, we have some pretty solid styling tips for the holidays.

Perfect Your Office Party Look

Finding the right outfit for an office Christmas party can be incredibly difficult. Unless you work for a high fashion magazine that literally rolls out the red carpet, you may find yourself wondering if several of your top choices are appropriate to wear in the same room as your boss. If you have to ask someone if the amount of boob showing is too much, it might be. But just because you are leaving the Vegas-style dresses on the rack does not mean that you cannot look sexy and chic. Consider jumping on the metallic trend and finding the perfect sheer silver blouse to pair with a deep burgundy skirt. And of course, you can never go wrong with the trusty little black dress. 

Embrace Velvet

Velvet is back in a major way, so get on board. Velvet has the ability to take any style and ramp it up 10 notches, from basic strappy dresses to flared skirt. Keep an eye out for slinky, low-cut dresses and coats in this soft material, and try to find something in a deep maroon or a lush forest green if you can. Even better if you manage to score something with a floral print that evokes the winter season.

Stay Away From Jeans

You can wear those jeans literally any other day you want, but please, ditch them for the holiday party. While we all love simple pieces that can be worked into every outfit, which jeans definitely can, the holidays are all about being bold and taking risks. The same goes for denim jackets – leave them at home. 

It’s Your Time to Shine

Whether you are the type who usually avoids sparkles or you are attracted to shiny things, the holiday season is all about glitter. Thankfully, this is literally the easiest thing to achieve no matter the style. If you tend to avoid standing out too much, add some sparkle to your accessories. For instance, maybe choose a pair of glittery heels from Nordstrom or find a classy crystal-embellished clutch. But, if you are not afraid to (quite literally) shine, go all out and wear a bejeweled dress or a daring sequined pantsuit. 

Find the Perfect Holiday Coat

You have to wrap yourself in something while you are on your way to the next soirée, so you better make it good. After all, the coat is the first thing people are going to see when you arrive and it can pull an entire look together. While loose-fitting clothing is certainly the rage this year, go with a coat that is tailored and nipped in at the waist your holiday look. Even better if you find something that has a unique silhouette (think dramatic raised collars and a flared bottom) and an interesting texture, like beautiful floral embroidery from Dezzal

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Fun and Get in the Holiday Spirit!

While you may want to look stylish and on-trend for all of those holiday parties and events you plan on attending, you should also allow yourself to relax and just have fun – without worrying about what your eyeliner looks like or whether or not you can really walk in those heels. Whether you are at an office party or just hanging out with your friends, don’t be afraid to really get into the holiday spirit. If you want to wear reindeer antlers, wear them! If you want to sport cute little mistletoe earrings, rock them! If you want to find some statement Christmas attire, buy an ugly Christmas sweater at Tipsy Elves—just make sure everyone gets one for the perfect Christmas card photo! 

*This article is published in partnership with Holly Tomlinson. For further info, read my disclaimer here.

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