Recently Loving: The Unexpected Ones

I'm going to start with the most obvious and I know most of you will nod in agreement...

"If it wasn't because of blogging, I wouldn't discover this, that, tit and tat and fall in love with it."

May it be skincare, makeup or any beauty related product, there is that little gem that we wouldn't have discovered if it wasn't for blogging. So today's post I am sharing a few products that I never thought I would need, let alone love and can't be without now and I hope you guys will share what are your favourite blogging discoveries too.

Nope, I didn't get the price and amount wrong, this little bottle really is retailing for C$51.00 and you only get a measly 12mL for that price but it's 12mL of liquid gold. I only need a drop for every use and damn, I use it all the time.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster* is a multipurpose product that you can use as a serum, mixed in with your moisturizer to prep the skin or mixed with foundation for a sheerer and dewier finish. I personally love mixing it with foundations and using it as an eye serum.

I have been adding a drop to my foundation or BB cream every single time I wear one and it gives such a beautiful, natural, sheer and healthy looking finish to my skin. Not only does my skin look great, it feels great too! Because of this I am able to wear Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation without my skin screaming for hydration at the end of the day.

I also use a drop around my eye areas before my usual eye cream and I always wake up with my eyes looking brighter, fresher and I kid you not, plump and my fine lines are less noticeable. I don't use it every day though as I want it to be a little treat for my eyes once or twice a week.

Is this little bottle unnecessary? Maybe for others but I will forever repurchase it because it is a must have in my routine.

Clean Apothecary Brush Shampoo (US$15.00)
beauty, skincare, Canadian beauty, brush cleanser, natural

If you are like me and have a collection of natural hair makeup brushes then you need this in your life. It is my Wayne Goss brush saviour because not only is it made with all-natural ingredients (Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil), Argania Spinosa (Argan Oil), Glycerin, Essential Oil <-- yes the ingredient list is that short), it also dissolves and cleans so much better than any other product that I have ever tried. On top of that, it conditions the natural brush bristles to the point they feel almost as soft as new. 

Actually I use it to wash all my sponges, makeup brushes, both synthetic and natural bristles and the biggest bonus is the suds rinse quickly too. Yes, it helps cutting down washing time!

Brush Guard (C$1.36)
beauty, skincare, Canadian beauty, brush guard, eBay

No, those are not some funky looking condoms...well, I guess they are like condoms but for makeup brushes. I don't know why it took me forever to place an order for this because;
1. these are so cheap
2. my brushes desperately needed these!

As I stated in my previous post, my makeup brush collection is getting a little out of hand and I really need to start taking better care of them. Some of the brushes have been with me for 3-4 years and after multiple washings, some are losing their shape and this condom-looking thingy helps them to regain their shape and avoid my brushes looking like I stuck them in an electrical socket.

Stick On Nails
beauty, skincare, Canadian beauty, nails, manicure

Funny story, these stick on nails sell like hot crossed buns where I work but I never ever understood the appeal. I am under the impression that they are tacky as hell and why would anyone be so freaking lazy to do their own nails?

Well, let me eat back my words because these are amazing and they provide a quick, glamorous solution when I am in a rush!

imPress is a brand that I am familiar with as it's sold at work and one of our best sellers however, I am not familiar with Sensationail (I love the play of word there, smart!). Between the two, I much prefer the Gelvolution* as I need to apply glue and I also find it to lasts longer on me. The other, Salon Nails* is pre-glued which is very quick and convenient however I don't find it lasts as long on me. Bear in mind that I am pretty rough with my hands as I cook, type and also clean a lot. If you are looking for something to spruce up your nails in a jiffy then these are worth trying!

Blogging definitely has its perks and I'm blessed to discover and fall in love with so many products in an oversaturated beauty market that I wouldn't have known otherwise.

What are your unexpected discoveries that you fell in love with?

*Products marked with * were received for free but my thoughts and opinions are 100% unbiased, honest and my own.  There is no place for any sort of BS here.

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