Inspiration For Summer Wedding Outfits*

Summer is fully here with the birds chirping loud, flowers are fully bloomed and the sun is shining bright on most days. The good news is this Summer is much kinder to me, there has been no heatwave (knock on wood!) and the temperature has been absolutely lovely in the low to mid 20s. 

It has been perfection.

Know what else is perfection and is happening a lot in Summer? The beautiful event that makes the coldest heart go aww...when two people exchange vows to celebrate their love and life together. It's the season for weddings!

Let me tell you my absolute cringe-worthy wedding faux pas of the day. Back in the days before I knew anything fashion related in general or the basic wedding etiquette or basic common sense, I attended a beachside wedding in a long white dress. I had no idea that wearing white is a major no-no and should be left only to the bride and wore the damn dress because my ex bought it and insisted I wear it on that occasion. What a twat and hence he's an ex.

Unfortunately for me, all my friends are now married so the opportunity to redeem myself is nil but that doesn't mean a girl can't dream being all dolled up to attend a wedding, right? So today I'm sharing my outfit inspiration if I am attending a Summer wedding.

And no, you won't see a white dress because this old fool has learned her lesson.

Garden Wedding

Garden weddings are some of the most beautiful ones and this Tiana Lace Tank Dress by DvF fits beautifully for the occasion. The lace details are so feminine and I adore that it's a beautiful pop of bright orange. I wanted the dress to be the main focus of the look so I paired it with a simple, low key and natural coloured Mandy Sandals by Derek Lam and Agent Lila Shimmer Lizard Zip on Clutch which also by DvF.   

Beach Wedding

My good friend Jill had her wedding on the beach in Saint Thomas and I was in awe at how gorgeous the occasion was. Our paths had not crossed back then but if we were already friends and I was invited to her wedding (she better invite me or we would have to sit down and have 'the talk'), this is the outfit that I put together.

The weather would be really warm and humid and I don't want to wear a maxi dress and drag the whole beach behind me so this Foxglove Silk Dress by Joie is perfect for the occasion. I would love to have my iPhone and other necessities with me so this blush colour Madison Crossbody by Gigi New York is the perfect companion. As for my footwear, this casual but chic white sandals by Frye is perfect for both outfit and the beach. Not only it's stylish and comfortable, it's also perfect to get rid of the sand.

Traditional Wedding

A more traditional hotel dinner wedding is the preferred option for Malaysians in general and I have attended quite a few including my brother's. It's such a joyous occasion and everyone attends looking their glamorous self.

I had a hard time trying to put together an outfit for a dinner wedding because the options are limitless but as soon as I laid my eyes on this stunning Shotwick Jumpsuit by Roland Mouret, I knew it would be the perfect outfit. A refreshing breakaway from the traditional dresses but equally as elegant. It's demure with a hint of sexiness from the bare shoulders and the peekaboo details on the back. I paired it with a chic white L'Eiffel clutch by Perrin Paris and for a little extra glam, a stunning pair Black Carnation Detailed Olive Sandals by Oscar de la Renta. You won't be able to see the sandals while standing but the beautiful carnation details will peek through when you're seated.

So there you have it, my inspiration for Summer wedding outfits and please share your thoughts on my picks. Will you wear the outfits that I put together for each occasion? What would be your dream outfit for attending a Summer wedding?

*in collaboration with Orchard Mile.

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