And Here We Go Again, May Favourites

Yes, we are here again today discussing what I loved most about May. As usual it's a little bit of everything and not purely beauty related but if you much prefer me to concentrate on only beauty stuff then let me know in the comment below.

I was honestly struggling in May, we were extremely busy because little tyke had swim class twice a week, he's started attending school every Friday, baby group every Wednesday and on top of that, there's my yoga and hubby's TRX classes. We have activities 6 days a week and I swear I felt like I was drowning. There was not enough time in the world for me to keep up with everything. Fingers crossed that June will be much better because we've decided to stop the swim class for a month.

Okay enough of me babbling and let's get to the topic of the day!


I have been obsessed with natural, radiant, glow from within base for the whole month of May with no signs of slowing down soon. And I found the perfect combination in Benefit Sunbeam, Pixi by Petra Bronzer in shade Summertime and Milani Luminuso to create the most gorgeous glow. I've used this combination every single time I apply makeup and I am almost out of Sunbeam *sob!*

While the rest of my makeup is left as natural as possible (I don't even wear black eyeliner anymore instead I've been wearing brown pencil liner), my lips speak a different story. Bold and bright is the way to go and I have fallen head over heels in love with Milani Color Statement Lipstick in the shade Uptown Mauve. The formula is also a winner as it's smooth, hydrating with long lasting power. Plus, it smells like watermelon, win!


I can hear the wtf?! echoing in everyone's mind. In my defence, this is a darn good game! Unlike that awful FarmVille (yes, I was stupid enough to play that too but it was ancient time), you don't need to be connected to Facebook or every darn social media to level up. It's a very relaxed game and you can easily play it at your own pace. There's no pressure to spend money on the game and there's no pressure to spend every waking minute on it.



Did anyone else watch it? Hubby and I are usually good in predicting what's going to happen (yes, we're one of those annoying people) but we were totally taken by surprise this time. MIND.BLOWN.

If you are not watching The Flash then you are really missing out. Word of warning, the first few episodes are pretty bleh! but bear with it and you'll be totally hooked!

We've been faithfully watching Grimm since season one, back when we were in Malaysia but Season 4 has been a bloody pain in the arse. It's like watching a Mexican telenovela. It was painful, it was boring and if I want to watch a slut sleeping with everyone in a show and then having multiple baby daddies, I would have stuck with watching The Bold & The Beautiful. However, the season 4 finale made up for it.

If you're not familiar with Grimm, it's like a knock off version of Once Upon A Time and grimmer.

A little late okay, make that wayyyy late to the bandwagon, we were never interested in watching Arrow until he started making a couple of appearances in The Flash and he was just too cool to be ignored. With The Flash gone until October, hubby and I decided to binge on Arrow and needless to say, we are officially hooked.


It has been a lot of Asian cuisine and barbecue in the House of Platt. I am most proud for successfully creating a sauce for Dry Wanton Noodles. You can see a picture of it on my Instagram (check here) which you should totally follow if you haven't. Oh yea, shameless self pimping... It was one of my favourite dishes to eat back in Malaysia and I had zero luck with making it right until recently. I won't be posting a recipe for it because I don't think many are familiar with the dish.

Hubby has been putting the barbecue to good use. The weather has been warm and sunny for weeks so cooking outside is perfect. I do all the marinating, he barbecues and will treat it as him making dinner for the family. ;-)

Now let's talk about you, how was May? What have been the highlights for you?

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