This has to be one of the hardest and most important posts that I have written in a long time. I am torn between writing this post or not but the matter has been on my mind since last Monday and I just have to let it out and be honest about it.

As many of you know, I recently cut my hair short, well make that very short. I love my new hair so much that I even took a damn selfie (cringe!) after the cut and shared it on Instagram, Twitter and even wrote a small note about the hair cut on my Monday post. 

Many of you left me amazing comments about me donating my hair to charity, I love all your comments, always have and always will but I need to clarify one matter.

I did NOT cut my hair with the intention of donating it...I was merely bored of it. 

I had long hair since forever, ever since I finished high school to be exact and that means almost 19 years. And I was bored of it and have been itching for a change since last year. I wanted to streak my hair either blue or purple (I kid you not) but hubby had a 'I'm about to have a heart attack' look of pain on his face every time I mentioned it so my hair remained long and boring.

I made my hair appointment with a very simple, personal reason; I wanted a fresh new do. That was it. There was nothing wonderful or noble in it.

But upon sitting down in Level 10 Eurospa and telling my hairdresser, Yvonne (she's absolutely brilliant!) about what I wanted to do, she mentioned about the possibility of donating my hair. My first reaction was huh? is there really such a thing? I've been cutting my hair in many salons over the years and this was the first time I heard about it. Yvonne talked me through it, she patiently explained the whole matter to me....

And that's how I got here. With a bunch of hair in small ponytails, all ready to be mailed for a good cause.

Wish I am blessed with thick hair but these were all I got

But now that we are here, let's talk about this. Let's sit down and talk about the little good that we can do to put a smile on someone's face.

Since 2007 over 1900 wigs has been created, donated and distributed to women all over Canada through a partnership between Canadian Cancer Society and Proctor & Gamble Canada. Read more about Find a Wig Canada here.

I think many will nod their head in agreement that our hair is our pride. For many of us, it's the centre of our self confidence. I remember panicking and feeling absolutely depressed when I started losing clumps of hair 4 months after delivering little tyke. I know it's normal, I went through the same phase with my eldest son and it took me close to two years for the shedding to stop.

But it doesn't stop me from feeling absolutely lousy about myself.

So imagine how these women who are losing their hair due to cancer treatment feel. 

Let's change that, let's do something to help put a smile back to someone's face. Our hair WILL grow back, theirs probably won't for a long time. 

Look at a smaller bright side, Spring is almost here and it's time for a fresh new do. And for the beauty fanatics, you get to discover new hair products and makeup to go with the new look! It's a win win situation.

I'm not sure if anyone would even bother to read this long post and I honestly doubt this post will influence anyone to #DonateYourHair but I thought I give it a try.

If you're bored of your long hair, if you're looking for a reason to convince yourself to try that new short bob image then let #DonateYourHair be one of it.

Thank you for reading and let's do a little good today. And a special thanks to Yvonne of Level 10 Eurospa for bringing this to my attention.

Level 10 Eurospa interior.

The salon has it's own makeup line too which I will give a try soon. Have yet to read any reviews on them.

Please excuse the weird pose, I have no idea why my head tilt that way and I look like I'm about to have an epileptic fit.
I fecking hate taking selfie...

**This is NOT a sponsored post. I just sincerely hope there will be someone else out there who would be interested in #DonateYourHair 

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