REVIEW: John Frieda Full Repair Oil Elixir

From no hair post to two within a month, I am definitely on a hairy roll. Today's post is a follow up from my last hair care post (read here) which had great feedback from most of you. I will admit that this product is one of my latest purchases and I've only been using it for roughly a month but gosh, I need aka MUST, let you know just how amazing it is.

I have always used a leave in treatment for my hair and hair oils are my absolutely favourites. I have purchased many along the years, some I like, some don't make any difference and there were many that I hated and threw away. A month ago I ran out of my Dove hair oil (reviewed here) and was desperate to purchase another. I read about another Dove hair oil on another blog and I had every intention to purchase that but when I walked into the store, I had completely forgotten about it. I knew it was from Dove but couldn't seem to recall which hair oil. Old people brain, sigh. 

Not all is lost though because I picked up John Frieda Full Repair Oil Elixir and this baby has been a MAJOR staple in my hair care routine ever since.

This oil elixir has Inca Inchi Oil rich in Omega-3 and a quick research shows that it's up to 47 more times than the extremely hyped Argan Oil. Got your attention yet? Oh yea, this little bottle of oil packs a major punch. A very light oil with thin almost watery consistency which smells heavenly, this absorbs really quickly.

I needed two pumps for my previously almost waist length hair but these days I only need one pump with my shorter hair. All I need to do is warm the oil in between my hands, run my fingers through my hair and blow dry as normal. It doesn't weigh down my thin, fine hair and it makes my hair silky soft and shiny. I also noticed that my hair dries much faster with this oil. Initially I thought my mind was playing tricks on me but I read many other reviews that agreed with me on this.

If you feel like your hair is in a desperate need of some TLC then I highly recommend John Frieda Full Repair Oil Elixir. I have nothing but praise for it and it has helped my hair to stay healthy.

John Frieda Full Repair Oil Elixir retails for CAD11.90 and can be bought at Walmart, Target and London Drugs.

Are you a fan of leave in hair treatment? What are your favourites?

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