Lifestyle Box REVIEW: Indulge Me January 2015 Box

Indulge Me box is a fairly new gift box subscription that is available in Canada. The company is based in Montreal and the first box was released in November 2014. Each box is CAD20.00 and starting with February box, Indulge Me will be charging CAD5.00 for shipping within Canada and CAD6.00 for shipping to US. I personally feel that Canadians are getting the raw end of the deal with the new shipping cost so I quickly cancelled my subscription before the next charges.

Thanks to the amazing feedback I received on my ipsy December bag post (read here) from now onwards, all of my subscription box posts will include a review on each item. However, this means the posts will only be published end of the month in order for me to have enough time to properly test each product.

I signed up for a one month subscription in December so this is the unboxing and review of their January 2015 box. Bear in mind, Indulge Me is a lifestyle box and they will include a mix of skin care, makeup, accessories and surprise gifts.

This is very disappointing. Yes, it's a sturdy box but it is plain with only a small sticker at the corner that says '2015 Indulge Me Box'. The inside is a piece of thin blue wrapping paper with nothing to secure the items together. Luckily nothing was broken but needless to say, I was less than impressed about this.

I've always been a fan of the products info card so thumbs up for this.

Pretty Tea

Pretty Tea
Pretty Tea (15g) = CAD2.10
I am not a huge tea drinker, give me coffee any day and I'm a happy woman. I do occasionally like a cup of green tea and Earl Grey but this packet of tea is...interesting. Let's just say it's not my cup of tea. Pun intended.

Naiad Soap Arts Sugar Scrub

Naiad Soap Arts Sugar Scrub
Naiad Soap Arts Sugar Scrub (2oz) = CAD6.57
This sugar scrub is a saving grace for this box and the only item that I like. All I need to do is take a small portion of this scrub, put it in my loofah and use it all over my body. Easy to use, lathers very well, smells heavenly and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. Major love and I plan to get more when I run out of this.

Fresh Cream Lip Balm

Fresh Cream Lip Balm
Fresh Cream Lip Balm in Shade Cherry Tint = CAD3.50
Let's start with the good...I didn't notice any gold shimmer during application (thank gwad!) and it felt like butter melting against my lips. The bad? It dries my lips and I had to reapply almost every hour. Not impressed.

Karma Hoop Earrings (made in China) = CAD12.00
This is so pretty and I immediately fell in love when I saw it in the box. However, these earrings are heavy and they hurt my ears after a couple of hours wearing them! In summary, these are the perfect earrings if you want your ear lobes to touch your shoulders.

Braid String with Feather
Braid String with Feather = CAD8.00
What the fuck is this?! A complete waste of money, time and everything else. The least Indulge Me could have done is include a simple tutorial to use it. I would let the cat play and chase this around the house but I don't have a cat.

Detox Mask = Free gift
This was a decent mask and it made my skin felt smooth after using. It didn't break me out and I honestly wish Indulge Me include a bigger sample or a full size of this mask instead of that damn feather thingy.

Indulge Me January box worth CAD32.17 and shipping was free but I still feel bleh! with the box. If I was charged CAD5.00 shipping for this box, I would be bloody fuming.

In short, this box is a bloody waste of my money and I won't be subscribing again any time soon. I fully understand that Indulge Me is new and they deserve a chance to improve but they can improve without the help of my money.

If you're a brave soul and want to try Indulge Me box then click here. Don't say I didn't warn you...

What are your thoughts on this box? Does Indulge Me worth another try?

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