Up and Running SOON!

I have been MIA way too long, close to 2 weeks to be exact but it had been lots of fun and not so fun time trying to get adjusted to a new country. One of the downside was me being without a computer as I did not bring my old laptop with me.

Today has been one of the best day for me because I finally received my brand new MACbook Pro! (YAY!) and that means Reflection of Sanity will be up and running as usual soon!

Sorry for being away for so long, we are not settled in yet as we only take possession of our new home on 1 October...so that means more moving, more packing and unpacking, fun time (not!) but hopefully we will get back into a normal routine once we are in our own home.

Hugs to all and I promise to be back posting here as soon as possible!

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