Nutmeg, Bangsar Village II

Last Saturday hubby dearest and I decided to wander out early in the morning to get our usual Chinese breakfast. Unfortunately our favourite shop was closed so we decided to walked slightly further to Bangsar Village II and try out a café which I pass by every time I head to yoga...Nutmeg.

I took this photo today as I completely forgotten to take a proper picture showing the cafe the other day.

A very simple interior but I do love the modern but no fuss approach.

 Hubby dearest ordered his usual latte (MYR8.00)

I had my usual Ice Lemon Tea (MYR8.00)

My breakfast platter ~ Southern Fried Breakfast (MYR26.00)

 Dearest hubby's breakfast choice ~ Nutmeg Big Breakfast (MYR28.00)

So how did this café fared? Well, we arrived at 9.30am right when breakfast service started and we were the second table of customer. It wasn't peak hour for breakfast service and we expected things to go smoothly which unfortunately did not.

Kevin ordered his eggs to be cooked over easy while I requested for scrambled eggs. As you can see from the pictures, those eggs were nooooo where near what we requested. Kevin's eggs were way cooked and mine...well, mine looked like someone got sick and puke his guts out. Taste wise? My chicken was dry, the batter was tasteless, the gravy that came as a side was bland, the potatoes were okay (you cannot go wrong with potatoes anyway) but thank goodness for the biscuit, it was good. Kevin had better luck with his breakfast platter as the whole plate was decent with the lamb sausage being absolutely delicious!

Will we be heading back to Nutmeg any time soon? Well, let's just say we will be sticking to our usual Chinese breakfast from now onwards and won't be in any rush to head back to Nutmeg for food. I think the food quality was just bleh! and this café certainly has some improvements to make...I mean seriously, try to get the simplest thing the eggs.

Add: UGF-28A Bangsar Village II,
        2 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru
        59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:  +603 2201 3663
Business Hours: 9:30am – 10.00pm

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