Summer is close to ending on my side and I can feel Autumn drawing closer with each morning. The air is no longer muggy and warm, instead I can feel the crispness when I first wake up and in the late evening when I go to sleep. So much so that I have started to bring out the thick, snuggly and comfy comforter.

I was kindly sent this gorgeous box of Summer goodies by Farleyco almost two months ago so I have been testing each product for some time. Some are completely new to me, others are brands that I am familiar with but have never tried the specific product.

Even though the season is changing, my love for some of these products remain the same and today I will be sharing my thoughts on them.

beauty, skincare, haircare, body care, fragrance, body mist

beauty, skincare, haircare, body care, fragrance, body mist

Before I get into the review, I'm going to say this contains 15% Aluminium Chloride and I know so many are against this ingredient. If this bothers you then you can skip reading about this product.

This stuff really works! It kept my underarm dry and the best part? It also kept the odour away. I wouldn't recommend using this every day because it's strong and might irritate your under arms but maybe limit it to a dance party or maybe a hot date?

Bottom line? This is brilliant and I highly recommend it to anyone who has sweaty problems.

Some of you might have seen me featuring this brand before and for good reasons too as it's a no-nonsense, non-gimmick and just good stuff brand. I adore the lip balm and heel magic stick which are the two products that I continuously use in my routine until today.

The texture is a rich softly scented lotion but it absorbs quickly. A little goes a very long way, using too much will create a greasy mess and you can feel it forming a protective layer on top of the skin. It's recommended for skin dryness associated with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis which thankfully I don't have but Little Tyke does have eczema and this helps to soothe it.

Bottom line? Just like the other Flexitol products, this does wonders and I love using it as my evening hand cream. I apply it before bed and wake up to the softest and smoothest looking hands. Highly recommend!

Summer is not quite Summer without watermelon, it's one of my favourite fruits back in Malaysia and my love continues until today. I love the taste, I love the sweetness and having it as a soft refreshing Summer scent is just a dream come true.

I have been using this a lot this Summer as a refreshing pick me up and I see myself repurchasing it in the future. Do bear in mind that it's a body mist so the lasting power is 4 hours at max.

beauty, skincare, haircare, body care, fragrance, body mist
My hands are filled with scars no thanks to Juno's playful nipping...

As someone who has 4 tattoos, I was super excited for this product's basically a salve that gives a temporary shine effect a to tattoo or at least that's my experience. It has a very short ingredient list (lanolinparaffin liquidumpetrolatum, cetyl alcohol, aquaera alba (beeswax), panthenol, paraffin, phenoxyethanol) but nothing special that will help enhance or rejuvenate old tattoos or at least nothing in my eyes.

Bottom line? I think this is a great product to have if you are getting a new tattoo but for mine which are a few years old, I don't have any use for it. This was a dud for me.

beauty, skincare, haircare, body care, fragrance, body mist

Last but not last are the two dry shampoos from Colab which I recently reviewed (read here). What is Summer without dry shampoo and I'm happy to report that I have fallen head over heels with both.

Farleyco almost never disappoints with their beauty offerings and I'm glad to discover a few new favourites through this box. What are your favourite Summer discoveries?

*Products marked with * were received for free but my thoughts and opinions are 100% unbiased, honest and my own. There is no place for any sort of BS here.
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